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Subject: Women's team (long)

Posted by: Jesse on Sun Jan 27 2002 7:39:52 PM

I feel compelled to comment on the women's team. The expectations of
many were raised to what I feel are unrealistic levels and have now
been disappointed.

First, we lost two of the greatest players in the history of the
program when Amy Wetsel and Tere Williams graduated last spring. We
brought in our largest freshman class ever. Here are the last 4 years
recruits (I note ethnicity only because one poster raised the issue;
these are to the best of my recollection):

Rayna Dubose
Erin Gibson
Fran Recchia (point guard, redshirted after injury)
Amy Ligenfelder (transfer from Ga. Tech; blew out her knee, out for
the year)
Kacy O'Brien
Shanda Holmes (combo guard?; African American; did not qualify)

Davina Simmons
Ieva Kublina
Lisa Guarneri (transfer from Rutgers)

Emily Lipton
Christina Strother (suspended indefinitely)
Renee Cosby (African American; I believe she showed up, then left-
Michelle Garcia (point guard, Hispanic; did not qualify)
Katrina Williams (transferred)

Sarah Hicks
Mollie Owings
Nicole Jones
Chrystal Starling (sat first year as partial qualifier)

The 2002 recruiting class is ranked 10th in the country, a
significant step-up. When you look at the list from 1998-2001,
Kublina is the closest thing to a blue-chipper that we have. You
should also remember that we lost Spoon, Michelle Houseright and
Katie O' after the '98-'99 Sweet Sixteen appearance and Tere and Amy
after last season. As you can see, we have had an incredible amount
of injuries and attrition among recruits.

We are slow, we lack outside shooters (Ligenfelder would have helped
there), we need a Top Twenty quality point guard (would Garcia have
helped? Guarneri was hyped as such a point guard) and we are young.

During our winning streak, we exceeded expectations. Now we are
coming back down to earth. In my season preview, I said that the
Hokies could finish as high as second and as low as sixth in the Big
East this year, but will probably finish somewhere in between. Looks
like is going to happen.

Message Replies:

   Good points! We have not recovered from losing Lisa Witherspoon, not to ...  --  Texas Hokie   Sun Jan 27 2002 7:51:44 PM
   FYI Lisa G didn't transfer from Rutger came from Univ of Illinois **  --  MzHokie   Sun Jan 27 2002 7:49:41 PM
       My bad...  --  Jesse   Sun Jan 27 2002 7:54:51 PM
           Got another for you, not that I'm harping on you  --  VTsportscaster   Sun Jan 27 2002 8:14:26 PM
               Another good catch...  --  Jesse   Sun Jan 27 2002 8:31:46 PM
                   Well she is graduating this year, so only assuming **  --  VTsportscaster   Sun Jan 27 2002 8:59:50 PM
                       No, you're right...  --  Jesse   Mon Jan 28 2002 8:38:59 AM

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