Two Words, James
by Bill Glose, 8/23/00

A funny thing happened on the way to the 21st Century. Somewhere between childhood lessons of right versus wrong and our heading off into the real world, we became selfish. As toddlers, Mom told us to play nice and share with others. When we didn't feel like sharing, Dad had a few choice words for us to help change our minds. Greed simply wasn't acceptable, it wasn't even an understandable concept. But today, that type of behavior is more than understood. In fact, it's embraced.

When I say, 'we became selfish,' I'm not talking about just you and me, but society as a whole. Focus has turned from bettering the community we live in to taking as much out of it as possible without getting caught. And when we do get caught, blaming everyone else. WIIFM (What's In It For Me) is the new catch phrase of the day. Me, me, me.

Yet, in this wacky world wide web we surf, a few individuals stand in stark contrast to my bleak opinion. They are the few who, instead of reaching for a handout, grab hold of a situation with both hands to mold it into something better. They strive to pacify us, to improve our knowledge, and to make us better fans.

Without a doubt, Will is the master of all things HC. This is his brainchild which he still cares for and prods along as it develops. But, there are several others working quietly behind the scenes to keep us well-informed. Throughout the year, these contributors work hard to provide us with that little extra tidbit of information to quench our Hokie hunger.

One of those key contributors is now leaving. After a successful stint as HokieCentral's Business Development Manager and Recruiting Information Coordinator, James Arthur (or N2, if you prefer) is off to improve someone else's situation. The enormous amount of time, effort, and quality work he's put into HokieCentral as Will's right hand man will be sorely missed, but we can only smile and wish him the best of luck.

He's done all this work for us, and asked for nothing in return. Even so, I want to offer something as he leaves. I want to offer James two simple words.

Thank You.


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