Around the Big East
by Matthew McKinley, 9/20/02

The Hokies roll once again, and all of the sudden a year of rebuilding begins to look like a year of possibility. Where once some were saying a 9 or 10 win season was a good job, now 12 or more seems likely. The Big East is starting to look up as well, with conference teams winning all their out-of-conference games last weekend. What happened? Come with me as I take you on a tour Around the Big East.

Here we go, d00d…..

Big East Standings


Conf. W/L

Overall W/L




Virginia Tech



Boston College






West Virginia












Last Week’s Games

(#7) Virginia Tech 47, Marshall 21
The Hokies gave up the yards, but not the points. Byron Leftwich put up a show as he passed for over 400 yards, but couldn’t get into the end zone until the fourth quarter, when they scored 3 garbage touchdowns. On the other side of the ball, the Untouchables ran for over 150 yards each as the Hokies cruised to victory on a beautiful night where Lane Stadium smelled of Captain Morgan’s. Oh, wait, that was me. Thanks to the fellas down below for, after spilling a drink on me, augmenting my supply with one of their airplane bottles. Rock on, guys.

(#1) Miami 44, Temple 21
Temple took Miami by surprise by holding them to only a 7 point lead at the half, but in the end, the number one team was too much for the Owls. Dorsey passed for 304 yards and McGahee added four TDs for the Hurricanes, who won easily after a sloppy first half where their 2 fumbles kept Temple close. Quote of the game, Temple DT Dan Klecko: "We knew all week we could play with them.'' Uhhh, yeah, Dan. For a half.

Syracuse 63, Rhode Island 17
Syracuse solved their 0-fer problem by scheduling Rhode Island, and proceeded to actually show up for a game. Rhode Island’s team was surprised as they came out of the locker room. URI QB Jayson Davis: "When looking at their stats, we expected the girl’s lacrosse team to come out of there. Who knew that Syracuse had a real football team?" Jayson, we’ve been wondering that ourselves. BTW, for future reference, you probably should schedule them in the first two games.

Pittsburgh 26, UAB 20
Pitt(sburgh) came from behind to beat UAB on a TD pass with 5:18 remaining. I guess it’s safe to say that they didn’t think they were playing the Hokies, now, isn’t it? But then again, maybe they did, as UAB blocked a punt for a TD after Pitt’s first series. Try as I might, I just can’t figure these guys out.

Rutgers 44, Army 0
Maybe Syracuse should try scheduling Army to begin next season. It worked for Rutgers. In a big way. In other news, no action yet between the Mafia and the RUT[S]gers coaching staff. We’ll pick this story back up after the Pitt(sburgh) game.

West Virginia 35, Cincinnati 32
You know, it’s so fun to have a coworker that’s a Cincy grad. Especially after games like this. Cincy scored 15 unanswered 4th quarter points, but it wasn’t enough for them to catch the Mountaineers. No word yet on how many Cincy fans the Mountaineer shot at this game.

This Week’s Games

Rutgers (1-2) @ Pittsburgh (2-1), Saturday @ 12:00pm
Will Pitt(sburgh) play down to RUT[S]gers? Is that even physically possible? This game is sure to test the boundaries of sports psychology.

(#7) Virginia Tech (3-0) @ (#21) Texas A&M (2-0), Saturday @ 3:30pm
Orange and maroon shoes, maroon shorts, orange shirt, maroon shades, orange hat. Oh, yeah, I’m going ALL out for this game. Maybe I’ll post some pictures from the game in the next article. Stay tuned.

Oh, yeah, the game. aTm has the #1 rush defense after games against Ooo-La-La and Pitt(sburgh). Let’s see here. UL-L…..not a good team. Pitt…..not much of a rushing team with that spread offense. There’s much to be said for statistics, but those two games are not quite a representative sample, now are they? I think we’ll run all over them, passing when necessary. And I’ll get quite hammered while watching it. Poll: should I wear my "Run the Ball" t-shirt to the Dixie Chicken after the game? You bet your sweet [buttocks] I will!

Temple(1-2) @ South Carolina (1-2), Saturday @ 7:00pm
The Gamecocks looked pretty bad against UVa last week. 7 freaking fumbles! ARRRRGH! Let’s hope they do that again, because I think they’re a lot better than their record.

Boston College (2-0) @ (#1) Miami (3-0), Saturday @ 7:45pm
This should be a Game to Watch from the Parking Lot, but I decided to go with two ranked teams, and y’all will still watch this game anyways. I hope this one is on TV in College Station, because I want to see a good game here.

Games to Watch from the Parking Lot

There’s this little scrimmage going on in Knoxville on Saturday, and another decent little tilt in East Lansing. Too bad both of those are on at 3:30, none of us will be watching them. So, here’s a few picks for games to watch that AREN’T in the Hokies’ timeslot. Enjoy.

UCF (0-2) @ Marshall (1-1), Friday @ 7pm, FSN
Not one of the better games on this weekend, but it’s the only one on on Friday night. It should be interesting to watch Leftwich this game as he tries to get back into the Heisman race against a decent UCF team that came close to upsetting Penn State earlier this year.

(#16) North Carolina State (4-0) @ Texas Tech (2-1), Saturday @ 12:30pm, FSN
I had a choice between this game and Arizona/Wisconsin for the noon time slot, and went with this one. Why, do you ask? Two reasons: David Rivers and Kliff Kingsbury. This will be a battle of the quarterbacks, and you should see some scooooooooring in this one.

(#11) USC (2-0) @ (#23) Kansas State (3-0), Saturday @ 7:00pm, TBS
This could be one of the better games this weekend, as the Trojans seek to pull a second straight road win over a ranked opponent. USC has beaten Auburn and Colorado so far, holding them to 10 pts on average, while K-State has blown out their usual trio of unimpressives to start the season. How good is K-State? We’ll find out this weekend.


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