Around the Big East
by Matthew McKinley, 10/10/02

Pshew! Well I survived that Open Date. Just barely. I was so sick I could hardly leave the house, so what did I do? I watched college football all day, of course! It’s just not quite as fun with the Hokies not on, though. What? They’re not playing again this Saturday!?!?!?!? Oh, [darn]!

Here we go, dude…..

Big East Standings


Conf. W/L

Overall W/L







Virginia Tech



West Virginia



Boston College












Last Weekend’s Games

Pittsburgh 48, Syracuse 24

Pitt(sburgh) gave up only 39 total yards in the first half, cruising to a 24-3 halftime lead and the eventual win over a struggling Syracuse club, winning in the Dome for the first time in over 20 years. Is it time to stick a fork in Syracuse’s season (and head coach Pasqualoni’s career with the Orangemen)? We said that last year, but the Orangemen came back to win a lot of games after their 0-2 start. I think this weekend’s game against Temple will tell a lot. In other news, has not even been updated with the last two losses. Probably because it’s not as much of a rallying cry as an inevitability. Honestly, I hope they get a new coach so they can compete.

Maryland 48, West Virginia 17

The Terps had been averaging 27 points a game this season; Saturday, they passed that in the 1st quarter. It must’ve been a vindication for UM QB McBrien, who played in 10 games for the ‘Eers in 2000 and sat out 2001 as a transfer at Maryland. West Virginia, who had been averaging over 340 yards on the ground, was held to 186 on the day as their vaunted rushing attack was countered sufficiently by the Terps. Don’t get me wrong, 186 yards ain’t bad, but when that’s your main weapon, it ain’t enough. I expect them to get back on track this weekend, as they’re playing RUT[S]gers.

Miami 48, Connecticut 14

Miami scored on five of their first six first-half possessions, added a defensive TD, and then ran the second-half opening kickoff back for a TD to go up 48-14, and then set the cruise control. UConn, it looks like y’all still got some work ahead of ya.

This Weekend’s Games

(#4) Virginia Tech (5-0) @ Boston College (3-1), Thursday @ 7:45pm, ESPN

Another Thursday night game. You know, they’re really putting a damper in my tailgating time this year. That’s okay, though, because this should be a good one. Is this going to be another "toughest test the Hokies have faced yet this season" game? We’ve done pretty good with the first four or five (depending if you count WMU as a "toughest test" game). My prediction? No way this team runs on us. Hokies roll, and the 2nd teamers are playing by halfway through the 3rd quarter.

(#12) Florida State (5-1) @ (#1) Miami (5-0), Saturday @ 12:00pm, ABC National

Florida State travels down to the Orange Bowl for Miami’s annual "Measuring Stick" game. The Seminoles are fired up for this one, especially after their loss at Loserville earlier this season, and Miami’s 49-27 blowout win last year. This is the game that tells us if Miami is truly on a different level than the rest of college football. Well, the only game before 7 December that can tell us that. Folks, don’t miss this one.

Syracuse (1-4) @ Temple (1-4), Saturday @ 12:00pm, ESPN Gameplan

Here’s how bad this game can be. Neither team has a win over Division 1A competition yet this year. Temple, I can see that, but Syracuse? [sigh]

Pittsburgh (5-1) @ (#8) Notre Dame (5-0), Saturday @ 2:30pm, NBC

Pitt(sburgh) is the best team that ND has faced so far this year. C’mon, Pitt, prove it to them. You can do it, I know you can. Just pretend you’re playing Tech.

West Virginia (3-2) @ Rutgers (1-4), Saturday @ 3:30pm, ESPN Gameplan

Look for Avon Cobourne to rush for about a million yards this weekend, to atone for last weekend’s ugly game.

Games to Watch from the Parking Lot

Another weekend, another Saturday without a Hokie game, so I can give you the full lineup of games to watch. Some interesting games this weekend, but just wait for next weekend, there are some doozies at the 3:30 timeslot.

(#12) Florida State (5-1) @ (#1) Miami (5-0), Saturday @ 12:00pm, ABC National

Like I said: Folks, don’t miss this one. I’m just glad it isn’t on as the same time as……….

(#3) Oklahoma (5-0) vs. (#2) Texas (5-0), Saturday @ 3:30pm, ABC Regional

Check that: Folks, don’t miss this one. Both teams have looked beatable this year, especially last weekend when the two teams struggled against Missouri and Oklahoma State, respectively. One team will fall below the Hokies in the polls this weekend, which one will it be? Honestly, is there some way that BOTH teams can lose? Oh, BTW, you might want to be flipping back and forth between this game and……………

(#9) Tennessee (5-1) @ (#6) Georgia (5-0), Saturday @ 3:30pm, ABC Regional

Things are not looking good for Tennessee recently. A blowout by Florida, an OT game against Arkansas, and a broken collarbone by the starting QB. How much worse can it get for Tennessee? Oh yeah, on the road against the #6 team in the country. If UGA is going to lose, it’ll be either here or against Florida. Who would you rather see them lose to?

(#15) Louisiana State (4-1) @ (#16) Florida (4-2), Saturday @ 7:45pm, ESPN

Texas Tech at Iowa State might not be a bad choice for this timeslot, but if you can just hang on for 45 minutes, you might like this one better. LSU has improved since our meeting back in Week 1, and Florida is looking more beatable every week. Can the Tigers beat the Gators in the Swamp? Tune in and find out.

Brigham Young (3-2) @ (#19) Air Force (5-0), Saturday @ 10:00pm, ESPN2

And so we come to my Insomniac’s Special. Air Force will need to find a way to win here if they’re going to be good enough to beat Notre Dame. Bring ‘Em Young has had an off year, but they’re still a pretty good ball club. Bring ‘Em Young’s aerial assault vs. Air Force’s ground assault (huh?)…could get interesting.


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