Music City Bowl T-shirts!

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Music City Bowl T-shirts

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$18 per shirt
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Via on-line form, using your credit card
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HokieCentral is pleased to team up with Eleven West in Radford to be one of the first places to offer Hokie fans a great-looking Music City Bowl T-shirt, commemorating Tech's appearance in the inaugural Music City Bowl in Nashville, TN.

These T-shirts are 100% cotton, super-soft, Hanes Beefy-T's. They feature the handsome design shown above on the chest of the T-shirt, and the T-shirts come in white or ash (gray).

You can buy these souvenir T-shirts from HokieCentral, using your credit card and the on-line order form below (sorry, no checks or money orders). Simply fill in the requested information, specify what colors (white or ash) and what sizes (M, L, XL, XXL, and XXXL) you want, and submit the form.

HokieCentral will bill your credit card for the cost of the shirt(s) you order, and will ship the shirt directly to you.

Shirts ordered by the end of the day December 10th will ship via U.S. Priority (2-day) mail on or around December 18th, which means they'll arrive on December 19th or 21st. There are no guarantees, but those are the days I'll shoot for.

Shirts ordered between December 11th and December 16th will ship on December 23rd, via U.S. Priority (2-day) mail, so the shirts should arrive on Saturday, December 26th at the latest, ensuring that you'll have yours in time for the bowl game!

Again, to have your shirt included in the December 18th shipment, submit your order on or before December 10th. To have your shirt included in the December 23rd shipment, submit your order on or before December 16th. Orders received later than Dec. 16th will not ship in time for the bowl game.

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