Iron Man Competition Winners



Competition Winner

Football Postion


Chad Beasley

Defensive Tackle


Carl Bradley

Defensive Tackle


Carl Bradley

Defensive Tackle


Waverly Jackson

Defensive Tackle


Jim Druckenmiller


Iron Man Competition Rules, Description, and Results - 1999

5 Events:

The Bag Carry - Carrying a 210 lb bag as far as possible.

The Truck Push - Pushing a Ford F-250 a certain distance (85 yards for linemen, 60 yards for skill players) while being timed.

The Tire Flip - Flipping a 250 lb tractor tire a certain distance (60 yrds for linemen, 50 yrds. for skill) while being timed.

The Stadium Run: Running up the stadium steps while wearing a 30 lb vest while being timed.

The Back Squat: Players maxed out in the squat. A power ratio is determined by dividing the lift by the body weight. Highest ratio wins event.

3 Groups of Players:  Linemen, Skill Positions, Tight End/Defensive End/ Linebacker

Point System
Winner 10 points, Second 9 points, Third 8 points,ect.

Spring/Summer 1999 Results:

Player Bag Carry Truck Push Tire Flip
Beasley 490 ft  10 pts :50.01  9pts :50.6  10 pts
Bird 370 ft  9 pts :31.8  10 pts :38.23  10 pts
Welch 280 ft  8 pts 1:20  8 pts :54.6  10 pts


Player Stadium Run Back Squat
Beasley :39.3   10 pts 620   9 pts
Bird :35.7  8 pts 535   8 pts
Welch :35.2   9 pts 555   9 pts

Total Final Standings - Beasley 48 pts, Bird 46 pts, Welch 44 pts

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