Lindy's National College Football Preseason Magazine

The Highs: Feature article on Vick, consistent, glossy publication

The Lows: No depth charts showing returning starters, doesn't give all teams full-page coverage like Athlon does

The Bottom Line: A quality magazine that is one of the leaders in the field and is pretty much error free, but doesn't go into enough depth on its team reports.

Preseason Football Magazine Report:
Lindy's National College Football

by Will Stewart,, 6/27/00

The highlight of this year's Lindy's for Hokie fans is an article called "The Vick Flick" by CBS SportsLine's Dennis Dodd (the "flick" refers to the way Vick throws the ball, not a particular play he made last year). As you can imagine, the article is extremely complimentary of Vick, and the irony here is that Dodd has been a notorious VT-basher for years from the safety of his CBS SportsLine computer terminal.

A couple of years ago, while the Hokies were having a strong 1998, Dodd regularly took shots at the Hokies in his weekly rankings, saying things like "Hicks in sticks handing out licks," and constantly making fun of what he perceived as Tech's rural, agricultural setting. Like most ignorant, far-removed sports journalists, Dodd simply drew conclusions about Tech without knowing anything about the Hokies and then proceeded to spout these opinions without taking time to check his facts or learn anything about Virginia Tech. He seemed to take delight in ridiculing Tech, and he got a big (negative) response from Hokie fans, which only encouraged him to do it more.

The height of Dodd's acrimony towards VT came in his May 3, 1999 SportsLine article Only a turkey would put Virginia Tech in top three. The article was written in response to CBS SportsLine's Anthony Gimino ranking Tech #3 in the 1999 preseason, a move that in retrospect looks like sheer genius, topped only by Lee Corso's preseason prediction that Tech and FSU would play in the Sugar Bowl.

You can read Dodd's article yourself by clicking on the link above, but in it, he got off the following ill-informed zingers:

"Virginia freakin' Tech at No. 3?! the Turkeys need some dressing. How about a way to beat Miami and Syracuse? Besides, it's an unwritten rule that no Big East champion is allowed in the top five."

"A sane individual would have left Blacksburg a long time ago. You listening Frank Beamer? You're too good to waste on the Gobs. Let me make it easy for you. After 1999, USC, Miami and Purdue, among others, will be looking for coaches. Are you interested? You better be. Pull the rip cord while you can"

Good stuff, huh? It's difficult to write that many ignorant, inaccurate statements in two short paragraphs, but Dodd managed it.

"How about a way to beat Miami and Syracuse?" At that time, the Hokies had beaten Miami four straight times and had split with Syracuse over that time span, meaning that Tech was 6-2 (.750) against those two teams, but Dodd didn't let facts get in his way.

And yes, Dennis, Big East champions are allowed in the top five, even in the almighty BCS rankings, as the Hokies proved. And USC, Miami, and Purdue all enter the 2000 season with their head coaches intact. What an ignorant, thoughtless, raving piece of tripe that "article" was.

And now, one year later, having been uncovered as the ignorant hack that he was, Dodd, along with the rest of the world, comes crawling into Blacksburg on his hands and knees to do the obligatory article on this year's top Heisman Trophy candidate, Michael Vick. I wonder how well hypocrisy sits with Dennis Dodd.

For the record, the Vick article is pretty good, and it includes a hilarious quote from Vick regarding his ability to improvise on the field: "One time," Vick said, recalling a play in the Sugar Bowl, "when I spun around twice and threw the ball out of bounds, I didn't even know what I was doing."

So welcome to the fold, Dennis Dodd. Resistance is futile. You will be assimilated.

Rankings and Such

National Rankings
1. Nebraska
2. FSU
3. Wisconsin
4. Alabama
5. Miami
6. Michigan
7. Florida
8. Texas
9. Georgia
10. Kansas State
11. Virginia Tech
26. East Carolina
33. Virginia
34. Syracuse
42. Georgia Tech
51. Pittsburgh
55. Boston College
66. West Virginia
71. Central Florida
80. Akron
87. Temple
99. Rutgers

National Individual Award Candidates

Heisman Trophy Candidates:
1. Michael Vick, VT
2. Drew Brees, Purdue

Davey O-Brien (Top QB) Award Candidates:
1. Drew Brees, Purdue
2. Michael Vick, VT

Biletnikoff (Top Wide Receiver) Award Candidates:
1. David Terrell, Michigan
2. Santana Moss, Miami
3. Ronney Daniels, Auburn
4. Andre Davis, VT

National Player Rankings

All-Americans: Vick is 1st team offense
Top Offensive Backfields: VT is #6
Top QB's: Vick is #1, Brees #2.
Top WR's: Andre Davis is #6.
Top Offensive Lines: VT is #7
Top Offensive Guards: Matt Lehr is #5
Top Offensive Tackles: Dave Kadela is #11
Top Defensive Tackles: David Pugh is #16
Top Inside Linebackers: Ben Taylor is #18
Top Safeties: Cory Bird is #20

Big East Prediction

1. Miami
2. VT
3. Syracuse
4. Pittsburgh
5. Boston College
6. West Virginia
7. Temple
8. Rutgers

All Big-East Players

First Team Offense: QB Michael Vick, WR Andre Davis, OL Dave Kadela, OL Matt Lehr
First Team Defense: David Pugh, Ben Taylor
Second Team Offense: Derek Carter, Josh Redding
Second Team Defense: Cory Bird

Miscellaneous Tidbits

Conference Rankings: Big East is #6
Games to Watch: VT at Miami (Nov. 4th) is the only Tech game listed
Players With the Brightest NFL Futures: Michael Vick is #1.

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