HokieCentral.com's Football 2000 Preview
August 24, 2000

Opinions and Commentary

Question Marks Abound
by Mark E. Pinkus
Question marks surround the 2000 Hokies as the new season quickly approaches.

Have Faith
by Jeff Holland
I usually donít stick my neck out by predicting how well Virginia Tech will do, but after reading all of the generic college football previews from magazines like Athlon, Lindyís, The Sporting News, etc., I felt I had to say my 2 cents worth.

Virginia Tech Preview

Up and Down the Depth Chart
by Will Stewart, HokieCentral.com
You've heard it all during the offseason: the Hokies have a great offense, but there are holes and questions on defense and special teams. Well, you're about to hear it again, but I'll try to add something a little different as I go over the team top-to-bottom.

Big East Preview

Strong at the Top
by Will Stewart, HokieCentral.com
The Big East has earned more respect as a conference lately, but the league is in danger of squandering those gains this year.


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