July 14, 1996

Turkey Bites; Season Ticket Sales and More

  • Football season ticket sales are smoking, as you might expect (people love a winner). The last I heard, we had sold about 14,500, a new record, and the Tech Athletic Department felt that we were on your way to about 17,000 total. I think that 16,000 is probably a more realistic estimate for the final number, but whatever, it's good to see things picking up. I'll start to be really happy, though, when the number gets up over 20,000 consistently.
  • Waverly Jackson sat out Spring football because he had surgery on his knee, so there was naturally some concern as to what his status would be for the fall. Beamer's official line was that he expected Waverly to be ready for summer two-a-days when they started. Well, worry no more. Waverly won this year's Ironman competition. Congratulations, Waverly! Waverly's name will be engraved on a plaque that is stuck to an iron anvil, the new official trophy of the competition (you know, an anvil is a thing like Wile E. Coyote used to try to drop on the Road Runner all the time). The plaque has two names on it: Waverly Jackson's, and last year's winner, Jim Druckenmiller.
  • George Del Ricco is now playing Arena football with the Connecticutt Coyotes (thanks to Thomas Wilson for that little tidbit).


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