September 5, 1996

Foster to Retire After Next Season; Edmonds Suspended

  • As you may have heard by now, Tech basketball coach Bill Foster will be retiring at the end of next season (check out my links to The Roanoke Times and The Richmond Times-Dispatch, both of which had articles on the retirement as of 9/5/96. In addition to the retirement, Tech announced today that Foster's main assistant and right-hand man, Bobby Hussey ("The Gentleman") will pick up the reigns after that. Naturally, as you might guess, I've got some things to say about Coach Foster, so check out "My Opinion" for a little commentary and reminescing.
  • Coach Beamer announced that starting fullback Brian Edmonds has been suspended for the Akron game and will not travel with the team. The statement released by the Hokies said only that Edmonds has been suspended "for disciplinary reasons," and that Beamer will have nothing else to say concerning the suspension.
  • Tech announced that this year's WVU football game is sold out, making it the second sell-out this year. UVa (ugh) was the other one, naturally, and I hear that tickets for the ECU game are getting scarce. Crank it up, Hokie fans! Let's not only sell out those three, but at least one more game as well. How about Rutgers (possible, because it's the first home game of the year) or Pitt?
  • Due to the impending rain from the hurricane, the football team left town a day early to make their way to Ohio, flying out of Roanoke Thursday night instead of Friday.
  • Remember, the psyched up Zips of Akron have made this weekend's game a night game (in the hopes that the students will get tanked up and raise heck in the Rubber Bowl, no doubt). Game time is 7:00 PM, so if you're listening on the radio or on the Web (see below), be sure to "show up" then. Let's go, Hokies!

Listen to the Game on Audionet

For those of you that may have missed the info (because I buried it deep in the Mailbag page), you can listen to the Hokies on the Web! If you've got a sound card in your computer and at least a 14.4 kbaud modem, then go the following URL and find out how you can listen to the game broadcasts live - no matter where you are!

Click on this link to go to Audionet's Virginia Tech page.

You'll need some RealAudio software, which is available for free download at the site. Once you download the software and configure it to run on your browswer, then you too can listen to Bill Roth, even if you live in Texas or California!

Ain't technology grand?


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