Monday, September 9th, 1996

Turkey Bites

  • The Roanoke TV stations reported that Oxendine's status has not changed - he will still be out for 2-4 weeks with his separated shoulder. Look for the Ox to return in the Syracuse game in the Carrier Dome, site of one of the greatest runs of his freshman season, in the ill-fated 28-20 loss there that year.
  • Due to the lackluster performance against Akron, the Hokies dropped like a rock in the polls this week, falling to 19th in both the AP and the CNN/USA Today polls. Well, that's fine. Typically, the Hokies are a slow-starting football team, and that's probably about where we belong, at best. Look for significant improvement this week against least from the players who are there, anyway.
  • School president Paul Torgersen has promised to get involved over the latest off-the-field fracas, the now-infamous Blacksburg Brawl. He will meet with Braine and Beamer as soon as possible this week, saying, "I'm simply going to tell them, 'These things have got to stop.' That's all there is to it." I'm encouraged that school officials at all levels are now involved. The incident is still being investigated, and as of Sunday, Beamer had spoken to no less than 12 players who were involved. Expect a suspension or some suspensions this week. Look for my commentary on the Blacksburg Brawl to be posted Tuesday morning in "My Opinion."
  • Speaking of off-the-field trouble, Beamer's going to have to play his hand on the Marcus Parker suspension this week, now that Oxendine is hurt. Stith had a great game against Akron, but there are certain things freshmen simply can't do, like block well, pick up audibles, and execute the passing game well. If we have to stay with Stith, look for his youth to be a liability. But I will go on record as saying that I hope Beamer keeps Parker on the bench, just to send a message to the team. I have nothing against Parker, but a statement needs to be made, and Parker is in the wrong place at the wrong time. In related news, Brian Edmonds will be reinstated for the BC game.


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