Tuesday, September 10th, 1996

Turkey Bites

  • Aaaarghh! I'm pathetic! I'm worthless! I forgot to listen to Beamer's weekly call-in show Monday night! What kind of webmaster am I? The Hokies nearly lose to Akron, we're having all kinds of off-the-field trouble, and the world is breathlessly awaiting the news on whether or not Parker is going to play against BC, and what do I do??? I forget to listen to the radio show!! Aaaarrghh!

    Sigh. If any of you locals out there listened to the show Monday night, email me with the big news so I can post it Wednesday, would you? Sorry, loyal readers.

  • Blacksburg police reported Monday that their investigation into the Blacksburg Brawl is ongoing, and that "some" Tech football players could be arrested. Beamer has stated that some players could possibly face "dismissal" from the team. Yippee. As promised, I've posted my thoughts on it in "My Opinion."
  • Frank Beamer will meet with Marcus Parker today to discuss his suspension. If things go well during the meeting, look for Parker to be reinstated for BC.
  • Good news concerning the Ox: the shoulder felt better on Monday, and doctors say that he may miss just two games. Let's see ... that would put his return the week of the Syracuse game. Gee, if you look at Monday's news and notes, you just may find somebody predicting that.
  • I forgot to tell you, but I saw the new Starter jackets at the Tech Bookstore this past weekend. I give 'em one thumbs up and one thumbs down. The main color is maroon as usual, with orange and white accents. This year's pullover looks okay, except they put orange stitching on the maroon background, lots of orange stitching, and it looks really cheesy. The zip-ups are pretty sharp, though, with no orange stitching and some white and orange designs on the sleeves that really jump out at you. The VT on the back is the same neon-orange as last year's VT. Not quite the right color, in my opinion, but at least they're consistent with last year's jackets. Prices are about the same as last year's.

    I bought the new Starter sweatshirt, which looks really sharp and costs $50. It's maroon, with a white-and-orange V-neck that looks killer, and white and orange rings around the sleeves. There's a big neon-orange VT on front, the same VT that they use on the back of the jackets. So if you get a sweatshirt, which I recommend, and a jacket, and you wear both of them with the jacket unzipped, they'll see VT's coming and going on you.

    Also, if you're at the bookstore this year, be sure to pick up a free copy of this year's schedule/poster, which features pictures of all of the seniors, including ... uh, Larry Green. If he comes back next year after redshirting this year, does that mean he gets to be on next year's poster, too?

  • Cornell was named Big East Defensive Player of the Week. Yawn. 10 tackles and 1.5 sacks. Just another day at the office for the sack-master.
  • If you've never checked out my link to The USA Today's VT football page on my Links page, be sure to do so. They've really beefed up the amount of information that they include on the page. There must be 12-15 notes on the Akron game alone. And as usual, the links to The Roanoke Times and The Richmond Times-Dispatch are your best sources for information, newspaper-style.
  • I now know where I'll be sitting at the BC game. If you're going to be there, and you want to know where I'll be so you can stop by and visit, then email me and I'll give you my seat assignment. I still don't know what I'll be doing before or after the game. It's my bachelor party. I don't need to know that stuff ... and probably, neither do you!


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