Wednesday, September 11th, 1996

Turkey Bites

  • Be sure to check out The Richmond Times-Dispatch today for an update on The Brawl. Beamer has broken his silence on the matter and has said something ... without really saying anything. Meanwhile, The Roanoke Times is reporting that Beamer has taken "punitive action" against some players, but he would not reveal the names of the players or their punishment. A source close to the team says three players have been disciplined. Other than that, it appears Beamer is going to let the courts take care of this matter.

    Simple question: is that it? I don't know yet. I'll keep you updated. In the meantime, watch Tech's game against BC this Saturday for clues - like who starts and who doesn't.

  • Running back news: Tech Trainer Eddie Ferrell said it will be "at least two weeks, and maybe another week" before Oxendine is able to return. The status of Parker's suspension has not been settled yet, but Channel 10 said Tuesday night "look for Parker to line up in the backfield along with fullback Brian Edmonds this Saturday against Boston College."
  • Channel 10 also said that the investigation into the Blacksburg Brawl is going slowly, and could proceed into October. Sheesh! That's a long time, but remember, there were quite a few people involved. Not just football players, but apparently a lot of other "civilians," as well. It could take while to sort things out, given that it was a large gathering at Squires where things broke out, and supposedly more than 200 people were present. That's a lot of people to interview.
  • Beamer will stick with Walter Ford returning punts against BC. Hey, I look at it this way: with the two disasters the poor guy had against Akron, he should be good for about 30-50 incident-free punt returns, right? Let's hope so. Remember, this guy is not an 18-year-old freshman, he's a 20-year-old JUCO transfer. He'll bounce back.
  • Have you seen the ESPN commercial promoting this Thursday's game between Miami and Rutgers? The voice-over says Miami has been "the big dog in the Big East conference since it began." Excuse me? Since when does winning 1 out of 3 conference championships qualify you as the "big dog"? That's beagle status, at best! And I remind you that out of the three champions, Tech was the only one to win their bowl game. As reigning champs, I think the Hokies deserve the "big dog" status, at least for now, and nobody deserves the title of "big dog since the Big East began." That's just ESPN up to their old tricks, trying to generate some viewership for what will no doubt be a massacre.

    By the way, has anybody seen a promo for Tech and BC? I've seen promos for everything but the Hokies and Eagles.


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