Thursday, September 12th, 1996

Turkey Bites

  • Things were pretty quiet on the Hokie front yesterday, for the first time in a few days. But I do have a good quote of the week:

    "It's a lock. An absolute lock. The Orangemen are headed for this year's national-championship game in the Sugar Bowl on Jan. 2." - Syracuse newspaper columnist Bud Poliquin, in a column he wrote 9/4/96, before SU's loss to the Tarheels.

    I read the whole article folks, and unless he was using very subtle sarcasm, he was serious. Click here to read the article to see for yourself.

  • I'm starting to get a little nervous about Hurricane Hortense and the BC game this weekend (I have no idea if I'm spelling "Hortense" right, by the way). The weather report I watched Wednesday night predicted that Hortense would veer up the East Coast and would be out in the Atlantic around Cape Cod Saturday night. That's not good - never mind the game being sloppy, but the trip up could be hectic, too, with a hurricane hanging right off the coast.
  • Speaking of the BC game, I'm predicting that a much more serious and focused Hokie team will take the field Saturday, hurricane or not. Those guys have got to be dying to get out on the field and do something that makes Coach Beamer happy for a change.
  • Did you catch that Marcus Camby signed a big contract with the Raptors the other day? I can't remember what the exact figure was, but I think it was for slightly less than the agents were paying him last year at UMass.
  • Correction: two days ago, I credited Cornell with 1.5 sacks against Akron. The official count is 2. He now has 30 for his career, 16 short of Bruce Smith's 46. I read an article in The Boston Globe today about Cornell - they were jokingly asking Matt Hasselbeck if he was sure he wanted to be the starting QB this weekend instead of Mutryn, because being QB means facing Cornell's wrath.


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