Friday, September 13th, 1996

Turkey Bites

  • For those of you who wanted Frank Beamer to send a message to the team by not reinstating Marcus Parker for this weekend, you got your wish. Marcus will not be going to Boston to play against BC. Again, let me be very clear where I stand on this issue: I don't have anything against Marcus Parker - he's just in the wrong place at the wrong time. After The Brawl, it was time for Beamer to make a statement, and keeping Parker out one more week sends the right message to the team, regardless of the particulars of Parker's individual case.
  • Okay, folks, I'm off to Boston ... the last I heard was that Hurricane Hortense wasn't going to be much of a problem. The weather guy I listened to says that it's going to hang around out in the ocean and not cause a lot of havoc on land like Hurricane Fran did. If that's true, GOOD. We'll see.

    Look for my report on the game to be posted as late as Monday night/Tuesday morning. It's going to be hectic getting back and getting it written, but I'll try to do it as soon as I can. In addition, I'm going to let a little time pass before posting my report in order to let myself digest the stats, quotes and newspaper reports before I post my analysis.

  • I finally got a chance to look at my pages through some different browsers, and it was an eye-opening experience. I fixed what problems I could - in particular, those of you with Mosaic and Explorer browsers should see significant improvement in the background colors. I had a mistake in my HTML code that Netscape was "covering up" when I tested my pages. Also, I found out that in the tiny text links under "Welcome to Hokie Central," the Mailbag link was incorrectly linked to an old letters page. So check that out. Oh, and if your browser doesn't support tables, then that's why this page looks so terrible.
  • Important news for non-Hokie club members who like to tailgate: go to my Links page, click on the Collegiate Times link, and read the articles in the September 10th issue about the new school policies on drinking and tailgating. In a nutshell, Tech officials are cracking down on drinking during tailgating for non-Hokie club members (I know, it's weird), and the police presence is going to be greatly increased in the staidum as well. That's big news for you drinkers out there, so be sure to check it out. I won't comment on the new policies, because they speak for themselves. I will say that I don't think somebody was thinking very clearly when they made them up. The intent of cutting back on excessive partying is noble, but the execution is poor.
  • Dopey me: the Syracuse newspaper article by Bud Poliquin that I talked about yesterday was, in fact, very tongue-in-cheek. I got an email from Bob Konrad, the father of Syracuse fullback Rob Konrad, and he told me the following: "...Poliquin's article is indeed one of sarcasm. He is noted in Syracuse as having a very negative attitude towards Syracuse football. The sarcastic tone to this article is quite apparent to those that are regular readers, but might not stand out to someone reading him for the first time. The vast majority of the press in Syracuse has stated that the high rankings the team has received are quite inflated..."

    Mr. Konrad then proceeded to compliment me on my site (awesome technique, as you all well know), which set me to wondering, "Gee, have I trashed Syracuse anywhere on this site...?"

    Whatever ... thanks for the email, Mr. Konrad.

  • Dopey Mike Gottfried: after spreading rumors about Tech and WVU getting snatched up by the ACC during last Thursday night's ESPN game, I heard Gottfried call West Virginia "the Big East favorite." Folks, at this point, nobody's a favorite, after what we've seen the first few weeks. WVU is playing the best, sure, but they haven't played a good opponent yet.

Have fun watching the Hokies this weekend!


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