Tuesday, September 17th, 1996

Notes from Boston

  • (Crunch, crunch, slurp, gulp, smack, smack, gulp) Mmmmm, that Eagle meat tastes goooooood.....

    The Hokies won their 12th game in a row, and more impressively, their 9th in a row on the road, by waxing BC 45-7 in Chestnut Hill. Tech came out of the gate strong, sputtered through the second quarter offensively, and then never looked back, pulling away in the third quarter. As you might guess, I had a blast at the game, and I even got to be on TV! Click on the Game Analysis button or the tiny "Games" link above to check out my thoughts on the game.

  • Boston is a great town. The people were nice and helpful, and the reputation that Bostonians have for being good sports fans is well-earned. They were very complimentary of the Hokies, but more importantly, on a day when their football team looked awful, not a single boo-bird reared its head in Alumni Stadium. And remember, this comes after a 4-8 season and a lackluster opener against Hawaii. Despite the fact that BC's program seems to be headed in the wrong direction, the fans and even the local media gave Tech a lot of credit for the lopsided win, instead of blaming their own team and coach. But beware, Dan Henning: I think your days are numbered. The 45-7 beating was BC's worst-ever Big East loss, and given that it was at home, that won't sit very well at all with BC fans and alumni.
  • I got into a discussion with one BC fan who asked how much we pay Beamer, and I told him it was roughly $140k in salary plus about another $120k from his radio and TV shows. The guy turned to his buddy and said, "Look at that! They pay $140 grand for a great coach, and we pay $350 grand for a terrible coach!"

    Or words to that effect.

  • In case it escaped your notice, Tech's November 2nd "cupcake," Southwestern Louisiana, knocked off #25 Texas A&M last weekend. The Ragin' Cajuns went 6-5 last year, including close losses to Arkansas and Southern Miss, and they return 16 starters or part-time starters from last year's team. I'd heard they were pretty good, and by beating A&M, a team I respect, they proved it. It's a good thing that the Hokies got the wake-up call through A&M's loss, and not our own.
  • Around the Big East: WVU posted another win in their first stiff test, 10-9 over ECU in Morgantown. Keep going, Mountaineers. Tech's game with WVU is a possible ESPN game, and as long as both teams keep winning, it'll get picked up (if it hasn't already). Not to mention that WVU's prosperity is a good thing for the Big East, especially since BC appears to be in bad shape.

    Temple absorbed another close loss, 20-16 to Bowling Green. The Owls are just a few breaks away from being 3-0, and it'll be interesting to see what happens when they play Rutgers, Pitt, and even Boston College. In other games, Miami pounded Rutgers last Thursday night, 33-0, and ... uh ... I gotta admit, I'm not sure what happened in Pitt versus Houston. I think Pitt lost. Bummer. I mean, if you're Pitt. If you're Houston ... I'll shut up now.


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