Wednesday, September 25th, 1996

Turkey Bites

  • Honors: Shayne Graham was named Big East Special Teams player of the week for his performance in the Rutgers game, while Druck was named Big East Offensive player of the week. While I can't argue with Druck's numbers (282 yards passing, 53 rushing), I think that Brian Edmonds, who had 141 yards on only 14 touches of the ball, should have garnered the award, by just a slight edge. He controlled the game with his blocking, running, and pass catching, and in the fourth quarter, he took over, because Rutgers had worn down to where they could no longer tackle him.
  • Tent city: students are already camping out for tickets for the UVa (ugh) game. Beamer and some of his stars (T.J. Washington, Waverly Jackson, Cornell Brown, and Brian Edmonds) showed up at 6:45 A.M. Tuesday morning with coffee, donuts, and hot chocolate and passed them out. The "meeting of the campers" is fast becoming a tradition at Tech, and although it doesn't make the headlines that a brawl in the street gets, it makes just as strong a statement about our players. 6:45 A.M.? I'm hitting the snooze bar for the fourth time right about then. Can you imagine being woken up by Cornell Brown, a future NFL star, carrying a box of donuts?

    By the way, if it sounds like it's early for them to be handing out UVa (ugh) tickets, my take on that is that the Tech ticket office wants to give the students their share and then send the rest to those orange-and-blue creeps in Charlottesville (ugh) at $23 bucks a pop.

  • Tech has been simulating Syracuse's offense in practice this week by having freshman DB Andre Kendrick play the part of Donovan McNabb. Kendrick played QB at E.C. Glass in Lynchburg, and the coaches report that he's doing a pretty decent job of imitating McNabb. Meanwhile, the Tech players are hot under the collar that they're not favored in this game. It's just another indicator, they say, of the lack of respect that the Hokies get.

    Good. You know how this team feeds on lack of respect....


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