Friday, September 27th, 1996

Parker to Redshirt?

Roanoke's Channel 10 is reporting that Marcus Parker's season is over. He did not travel with the team for the Syracuse game, and Channel 10 says that although nothing is official, they "have learned" that Parker won't play again for the Hokies this year and will take the year as a redshirt year. If you haven't seen it yet, check out the Mailbag for a letter and response that discuss this subject.

In the end, Parker paid dearly for his shoplifting transgression. He misses a chance to play with a talented and senior-laden Tech team that will do great things this year. On the upside, the Hokies are stacked at running back and fullback for the next two years with Parker's two remaining years of eligibility ... if he stays. I hope he does, and I haven't heard anything to the contrary.

Props From Texas

On the lighter side, Dave Waller, a transplanted Hokie living in Austin Texas, reports that the Sugar Bowl apparently made a huge impression on the Texans. Dave recently emailed this to me:

Here's an update from Austin, Texas. As you know, the Longhorns lost a tough game to Notre Dame on Saturday... the fickle Texas fans are calling for John Mackovich's head. Kind of ridiculous because Texas played an awesome game. You simply wouldn't believe the idiots on the sports radio station down here.

Kurt Bohls, the local sports columnist in the Austin American-Statesman (i.e. Bill Brill type) ,had some things to say about the Hokies in his Sunday column on the UT/ND game... your readers may appreciate this:

"Just when it seems these resurgent Longhorns have climbed their Mount Everest of humps on their return to national prominence, along comes a golden opportunity to prove they truly do belong.

Unfortunately, the true strengths of the college world, teams like Miami, Colorado, Notre Dame, and even Virginia Tech, keep reminding Texas that they can talk all the talk they want..."

It's good to get the recognition we deserve!

Right on, Dave. At least somebody's recognizing Tech's football excellence! The AP pollsters and ESPN seemed to have missed it. I watched the weekend kickoff show on ESPN Thursday night, and there was not a whisper about the Tech/Syracuse game. But think about it: it's a CBS game, and ESPN is owned by ABC. ESPN is busy hyping the ABC and ESPN games, and they don't have any time left to talk about some piddly little game on CBS. I'll bet that even if SU had won their first two games, setting up a battle between two ranked Big East teams, ESPN would have given this weekend's game a passing mention at best.

Grrrrrr ... go Hokies!


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