Monday, September 30th, 1996

Orangemen Smash Hokies

Quote of the week: "I usually avoid writing prediction pieces like this, because if you're wrong, you wind up looking like an idiot." - me, right before I gave you all of the reasons Tech was going to beat Syracuse.

Syracuse, providing the first test of the season for Tech, took the Hokies out to the woodshed (they actually have one behind the Carrier Dome) and whipped our boys 52-21. At least, I think that was the final score. I quit watching after a while.

In response to the loss, the AP voters did as you might expect and removed us from their top 25. What can you say? We weren't Top 25 material last Saturday, and the AP voters do what TV tells them to do. The coaches were a little kinder, and we landed at #22 in the CNN/USA Today poll.

I'll have the post-mortem, posted either late tonight or early tomorrow morning. We will move on from this folks, because we have no choice, but the Hokies did miss a golden opportunity Saturday, and we'll talk about that a little. The game analysis won't be anything you can't figure out on your own, because Tech's flaws were large and obvious: run defense, the punting game, and an offense that was supposed to carry the team this year but didn't make the trip to New York in time for the game.

Also, I'll try to answer some of the emails I received over the weekend, and I'll archive some of this stuff so the main page doesn't take so long to load. So, if you can stand to visit this place after a loss like the one we just sucked up, we'll see you back here tomorrow!


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