Wednesday, October 16th, 1996

HokieCentral is on Hiatus

Break out the hankies, folks. It's time for me to get married, so I won't be updating the page for a while. I suggest the hankies for two reasons: (1) in case you're the sentimental type who cries at the mere mention of weddings, or (2) in case you're big fan of Hokie Central who cries when you don't get your updates!

I'll be getting married this Saturday, the 19th, and then we'll be heading out to Bermuda. But never fear, I'll return late Friday night, in time to attend the Pitt game and provide you with another laser-guided report on the game! Would I let you guys down by not coming back in time?

Boy, I feel sorry for my fiancee/future wife, but at least she knows what she's getting into.

We'll see you back here in about two weeks. I'll try to post my Pitt game analysis on the Tuesday following the game, but I can't make any promises. I'm going to be busy opening wedding gifts! See you later!

Ace Looking Good

Practice has officially started for the Tech basketball team, and I can report that Ace is off the crutches, moving around, and even shooting some hoops at practice. Naturally, he's not able to participate in full-speed drills, but he does look pretty good and should be back in top form in two or three weeks. That gives him plenty of time to recuperate from his knee injury, because the Hokies opener isn't until November 29th.


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