Tuesday, October 29th, 1996

Hokies Slip Past Pitt; WVU Stunned at Home

Tech played against the Panthers without two of their best defensive players (Myron Newsome and Cornell Brown) and without another guy who is arguably their third best (Tony Morrison). The Hokies still managed to dispatch Pitt 34-17, despite some poor play by the punt return team and some drops by the receiving corps. As usual, I've got a game analysis for you, liberally sprinkled with my own opinions and sometimes myopic view of the game. Check it out by clicking on the "Game Analysis" button in my navigation bar or by clicking on the little "Games" link under "Welcome to Hokie Central." Enjoy!

In other Big East action, WVU and Miami played to a relative standstill before Miami stole away a 10-7 win by blocking a punt and returning it for a TD with less than 30 seconds to play. The game was played cleanly, but there were a couple of ugly incidents off the field: a Miami coach was hit by a trash can thrown from the stands, and in a more disturbing incident, an ambulance carrying Miami's Danyell Ferguson to the hospital was rocked and nearly tipped over on the way out of the parking lot by rowdy WVU fans. These incidents, which should cause great concern on the part of the WVU athletics administration, will no doubt serve to add fuel to the fire of the Miami/WVU rivalry.

As for Ferguson, he dislocated his hip and is lost for the season. Miami, however, is still in the driver's seat in the Big East, along with Syracuse.

Morrison, Thomas Out Indefinitely

Tony Morrison was suspended (again) by Frank Beamer for missing curfew Thursday night. The suspension will be indefinite. Punter John Thomas is also suspended indefinitely, for unspecified reasons.

Hokies in the Pros

I've got good news and bad news. The good news is, Bryan Still had 2 catches for 64 yards Sunday. The bad news is, he got behind the defense on one play, caught a pass ... and fumbled it. The defense returned it a billion yards and nearly scored on the play. The good news is, Vaughn Hebron had 73 yards on 7 carries for the Broncos. The bad news is, Antonio Freeman broke his arm and will be out for 4-6 games.

Another Hokie Page

Hey, it goes without saying that Hokie Central is the best, but here's another Tech page for you to check out: CyberHokie's Universe. The CyberHokie is a regular Hokie supporter on the Internet and always comports himself with class and dignity as he cruises the pathways of the Information Superhighway. Yes, we are all blinded by the excellence I display here at Hokie Central, but try checking out CyberHokie's page as well. Hope you like it!

Quote of the Week

Reader Sam Hampton forwarded this to me a few weeks ago (he saw it on a bumper sticker) - "Women at VMI? What's Next? Men at UVa?"


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