Friday, November 1st, 1996

Cornell Finalist for Lombardi Trophy

Cornell Brown has been named as one of the four finalists for the Lombardi trophy, which is awarded annually to the finest lineman in college football. Cornell is up against some tough competition, as you might expect, because the list also includes all-world tackle Orlando Pace of Ohio State. I would say Pace is the frontrunner for the award, given that he's an awesome player from a highly-ranked media darling. Cornell is probably going to have to average 3-4 sacks a game for the rest of the season to have a chance of winning, due to time he's missed so far and the fact that he has only accumulated 4 sacks to this point in the season.

Still, as they say, just being nominated is an honor. Congrats to Cornell, whose career here at Virginia Tech has been everything Hokies could have hoped for four years ago.

Miscellaneous Items

as usual, I invite anybody who wants to stop by to come visit me at the tailgate. I'll be in Animal Science (or Litton-Reaves, Lot 6), partying near the big ugly gold-and-brown 1981 Impala station wagon with the HKI CNTL license plates.

Tomorrow, look for a rare Saturday update of Hokie Central. I don't have to host any visitors this weekend, so I thought I would spend Friday night going through my email and updating the Mailbag page, which is covered with cobwebs. Be sure to look for it.

I'm all geeked up because I've got a new web counter (see the bottom of the page). NRVNet, my ISP, provided this one, and it's a local script, so it's going to be much more accurate than my old "" web counter. The old counter was recording about 170 hits a day since I got back from Bermuda, so I'm really interested in seeing what the new counter says. I know, you probably don't care, but the more hits I get, the bigger my ego gets, and the harder I work on the page. So thanks to everybody who visits!

See you at the game!


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