Monday, November 11th, 1996

Hokies Whack Pirates, Move up in Polls

Saturday was a great day to be a Hokie. No sooner had we settled into our seats, all 49,000 of us, when the P.A. announcer came on and told us that Clemson had defeated UVa. Can you think of any better way to warm up for a game? The Hokies and Pirates soon took the field, and you know the rest. Hokies 35, ECU 14.

The lunacy in the polls continued. A post-game analysis of the polls indicated that the Hokies would move up more in the AP poll than they would in the coaches' poll. After all, there were a lot more teams in front of the Hokies in the AP poll, and a lot of those teams lost. But, alas, we should know by now at Hokie Central that the AP poll makes no sense. The Hokies moved up four spots in both polls and are now 13th in the coaches' poll and 21st in the AP.

Does that mean that if the Hokies win out, they'll be ranked, say, 7th in the coaches' poll and 15th in the AP?

Want to hear the biggest insult? Remember when the Hokies beat Akron by four points and dropped four spots in the AP? Well, Auburn beat NE Louisiana by four points, and you know what happened? That's right, they moved up two spots! If you ever questioned whether or not the writers are biased against the Hokies, that should answer the question for you.

There, does that make you hungry again? I just didn't want you Hokies getting complacent after the great victory over ECU.

This is going to be a fun game analysis. Look for it early tomorrow morning. See you then!


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