Wednesday, November 20th, 1996

And Now, For Something a Little Different...

I'm trying a new trick here at Hokie Central to see how it goes. In an effort to post more and more stuff for all of you rabid Hokie fans to read, I've opened up the page and posted someone else's work in the "My Opinion" section (gasp!).

Football season is a busy time for me, especially since I have to post a weekly game analysis, so I haven't been able to spend enough time on the Mailbag or My Opinion as I would like to. I've been thinking for a while about perhaps letting somebody else do a "My Opinion" piece, because I saw that trick on Grassy Knoll's "Eye of the Hurricanes" web site, and I thought it was a good tactic for web masters who don't have a lot of time but still wanted to bring more opinions and more data to thirsty readers.

Plus, as I've said before, Hokie fans are among the most articulate and expressive fans on the Internet. I regularly get email that's worthy of being posted without requiring too many edits on my part. So I thought, what the heck, why not post some of the better stuff on the My Opinion page? I realize that blurs the lines between the Mailbag and My Opinion, but so be it. Like I said, it gets more info and opinions to you, the loyal readers of Hokie Central.

Voila - I've posted a good email that I received from Jason Whitlock, completely without asking Jason if that was okay first. Jason addresses the question of how high the Hokie football team can go. Have they peaked, or can they get even better? Check out Jason's thoughts in "My Opinion." I think you'll like it.

I'll be back tomorrow with some more news and notes that I've been accumulating this week. Keep those emails coming folks. I can't answer them all, but I love getting them and appreciate every one. Even the ones I've been getting lately from fans of other teams!


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