Monday, November 25th, 1996

Heeeeeeerrreee Now! Hokies Pound WVU

That "heeerrree now" stuff is a Mountaineer cheer for those of you who don't know.

Pardon me a minor vulgarity here, but I'm starting to think these Hokies don't have just one can of whomp-ass in their possession - I think they're hiding a whole extra case in the tunnel that leads to Lane Stadium.

The Hokies' season, which looked shaky as recently as November 1st, continues to rocket down the tracks towards a banner year. Tech has a shot at a ten-win regular season, something I'm too young to know if they've ever accomplished before. The Hokies dispatched of a very good West Virginia team this past weekend by the score of 31-14, making the 'Neers awesome defense look ordinary in the process.

As a reward for their efforts, the Hokies got to keep the #9 spot in the coaches poll and the #17 spot in the All Politics poll, although the AP ranking was shaky, with #21 Michigan's victory over #2 Ohio State. Fortunately, the sports scribes that we all love so much were kind to the Hokies, ranking Michigan #18 instead of vaulting them above the Hokies (although Michigan did jump UVa in the process, ha-ha).

That brings the Hokies' accomplishments in the last two years to 19 wins out of the last 20 games, and six straight wins over ranked opponents. Lemme tell ya, we deserve every bit of that #17 ranking, don't we? (heavy sarcasm there)

I'll post my game report on Monday or Tuesday night. Look for it, and we'll see you then!

All Right, You Know What Time it is....

I need some more UVa jokes, folks. I've got a few that I'll share with you this week, but a couple of them are kind of old, so you will have heard them before. Here's a couple, though:

Joke #1 (from Issam J. Abi-Saab): here's a joke that's more applicable to last year, but it's still a good one....

Question: how much money can a UVa football player swallow?

Answer: 75 cents. He chokes after the third quarter.

Joke #2 (from Dennis Dillinger): this joke has been making the rounds lately, and here's the version I (Will) heard, although the version Dennis forwarded to me was slightly different. It proves that we Hokies can laugh at ourselves...

Question: if a UVa basketball player, a Tech football player, and a prostitute are going somewhere in a car, who's driving?

Answer: the police!

Lastly, for those of you who work with Wahoos, be sure to go into the company bathroom and put up signs above the toilet paper dispensers that read, "UVa Diplomas, Take One." That gets 'em every time, even though the joke is about a million years old (thanks to Stephen J. Giebel for that one).

A Slight Change at Hokie Central

Hope you like the new orange and maroon "Hokie Central" lettering at the top of the page. I stole the idea from Chris McCrea's recruiting site (see my Links page). Chris has recently updated and revamped his page, and it looks really sharp. Thanks for the idea, Chris.

Speaking of recruiting, you guys who are recruiting nuts should check out the Big East Football Recruiting Message Board on Mike Bakas's Big East Football site. Lotsa good rumors and even facts there, and I now have a link to it on my Links page, under "Recruiting Sites."


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