Tuesday, November 26th, 1996

West Virginia Game Analysis Posted

Just like the headline says, the WVU game analysis is up. I managed to stay away from the cheerleading this week and tried to stick more to the analysis, but have no fear ... I didn't let WVU get away with that holding and mouthpiece stuff without getting a few choice jabs in.

As far as news this morning, everybody's trial date has been set for the brawl incident and the Baylor case. There are going to be nine separate trials between January and April, with Cornell's trial scheduled for April.

I really hate reporting on that stuff.

Beamer is one of 10 candidates for the Alabama job, but he'd be insane to leave the safety and security of Virginia Tech for the pressure-cooker of the SEC. At least when Tech loses to UVa, they don't even hang the coach in effigy. When Alabama loses to Auburn, they actually want to hang the coach.

Some other quick hitters: Johnny Majors and Dan Henning both resigned ... reports are saying that the loser of Miami/Syracuse will go to the Carquest Bowl to play Virginia ... Cornell is Big East Defensive Player of the Week ... the Gator Bowl has their own web site (www.gatorbowl.com) ... Bill Roth said last night on the coaches show that CBS is going to "play up" the Gieck angle this week on their Tech/UVa telecast, so look for that ... Beamer would not comment when a caller asked him about wearing all maroon, like the Hokies did in 1990 against UVa, but the subject of orange uniforms came up, and don't worry, you won't see them ever again.

More UVa jokes and a preview of the game, coming tomorrow!


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