Sunday, December 1st, 1996

Basketball Page Now Up

I've posted a page containing the Hokie basketball schedule, results, and stat summary. Go to my "Games" page by clicking on the "Games" section of my navigation bar, or the tiny "Games" link under "Welcome to Hokie Central."

The latest news is that the Hokies are 1-1 in the Big Island Invitational, having dropped a game to Colorado late last night. I don't know much about Colorado, but that's got to be a disappointing loss for the Hokies.

On another item, I'm getting a lot of positive feedback regarding commentators' and fans' remarks about the Hokies' upcoming Bowl Alliance bid. I hear that the ESPN talking heads (Mike Adamle, Lee Corso, and others) are saying good things about the Hokies, while another fan told me that the ESPNet chat room was full of Huskers, Gators, etc. complimenting the Hokies on making the Alliance for the second year in a row.

Positive coverage (or any coverage at all) has been difficult to come by this year. The CBS contract has done the Hokies a lot of damage from a publicity standpoint, because ABC-owned ESPN has been acting all year long as if the Hokies don't even exist, even when Tech appears on ESPN or ESPN2 (3 times this year). Tech just finished playing and beating three straight ranked teams, and there was nary a whisper about the Hokies throughout the whole process.

This Alliance Bid is huge. It shows that Tech will not go away. I've got to figure that recruiting, which has been going well, is going to pick up big time now.

Lastly, the latest news is that as of Friday night, 1/3 of the Lane Stadium goal posts are in front of Burruss, 1/6 is in the Duckpond, and another sixth were sitting behind Arnold's.


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