Tuesday, December 3rd, 1996

UVa Game Analysis

Wow, with the weekend we've had, the UVa game is old news, isn't it? Just the same, I posted a game report. Go the games link and check it out on my football page.

No big news coming out of the coaches show Monday night. When confronted with "The Alabama Question," Beamer said that he had not been contacted by Alabama, and he reaffirmed his loyalty to Virginia Tech. As someone said to me, "Why would he want to leave? He's having too much fun!"

No kidding. Beamer praised the Tech administration, the players, the coaches, the (upcoming) facilities, and, best of all, his contract. I vote we throw a $100,000 bonus his way, just to say thanks. While we're at it, why not $25,000 for each of his assistants, in particular Mike Gentry?

Bowl News

It's official - West Virginia, despite finishing a distant fourth in the conference, has been offered an invitation to the Gator Bowl. It was the WVU fan support that won the day, according to Gator Bowl officials. Now it's up to the Mountaineers to win the game.

The Carquest snapped up Miami for a December 27th matchup with Virginia. Once again, go Canes!

Lastly, that leaves the Elvis Bowl for the Syracuse Orangemen. Boy I wouldn't want to be Syracuse. A revived Houston program is the opponent.

In Alliance Bowl news, it's official that Notre Dame will not be part of the Alliance this year. The other possibilities were for the Copper and Independence bowls, but the Fighting Irish have opted out of all bowls entirely (must be nice to be able to turn up your nose at the bowls), meaning that Saturday's overtime loss to Southern Cal was Lou Holtz's last as the Irish coach.

See ya, Lou!

Hokie Pros

In case you missed it, Antonio Freeman returned to the Pack Sunday and caught 10 passes for 156 yards. Vaughn Hebron set up the Bronco's first TD by returning the opening kickoff 59 yards, and he also accumulated 8 carries for 60 yards. Bryan Still had two catches for 34 yards. Thanks to hokie.com for the figures.


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