Thursday, December 12th, 1996

Here’s Something That Shouldn’t Surprise You

Okay, give it up - the Hokies will NEVER get respect.

The latest example of that truth comes from some jerk named Randy Holtz who writes for ESPNet Sportszone. Holtz (nice name) has an article posted called “Bowl Mix Leaves Sour Taste,” in which he proceeds to blast nearly every bowl game as being a boring mismatch, and he also lays waste to nearly every team that’s in the bowls as being undeserving.

First, a little background on this jerk. He writes weekly Big 12 and WAC notebooks for ESPNet, which ought to tell you right off the bat that nothing good is going to come out of his head where the Hokies are concerned.

Let’s get straight to the details. Holtz has an opinion, mostly a bad one, on every bowl, including picking the winner and the spread. Here’s how he disrespects the Hokies:

“But give the Alliance this. It has created some matchups for the ages.

Surely, gridiron followers will be discussing that titanic Nebraska-Virginia Tech Orange Bowl tilt for years to come.”

Later, this bozo has this to say about the Orange Bowl:

“Miami is all a-twitter. Forecast: Nebraska by 30.”

Okay, fine. I don’t expect a WAC / Big 12 beat writer to kiss our feet. But what really enrages me is what he has to say about two other notable Johnny-come-lately teams to the national scene, Northwestern and Arizona State. He calls the Citrus Bowl matchup between Tennessee and Northwestern the third-best bowl and predicts that Northwestern will win by 2. Over in the Rose Bowl, he predicts a narrow Ohio State victory over Arizona State, but just 3 points.

I will never understand why teams like Northwestern and ASU are immediately praised and accepted as being equals of traditional powers like Tennessee and Ohio State, while an excellent team like Tech isn’t fit to hold Nebraska’s bathrobe while they take a shower.

Normally, I don’t let this lack of respect garbage bother me, because we’re doing the only thing you can do about it: we keep winning. But it’s becoming clear to me that it’s NEVER going to happen, folks. If two straight Alliance Bowl appearances and 20 wins in 21 games, including 7 straight over ranked teams, doesn’t do it, then NOTHING WILL.

If we lose, everybody will say, “See, I told you they weren’t any good.” If we win, everybody will say, “Gosh, Nebraska really had a down year, didn’t they?”

So, in the end, the hell with everybody else. Ask yourself this simple question: are you having fun? Is it satisfying to you to watch the Hokies win almost every single week? Good. Enjoy it, because that’s the only satisfaction you’re going to get.

All right, I’m done with the Mister Negativity stuff. If you want to have your say, then remember, the guy’s name is Randy Holtz. Go to ESPNet, access the page where they allow you to email your feedback, and unload on this jerk. Or better yet, wait until Nebraska DOESN’T beat Tech by 30, and THEN unload.

Cornell Makes AP Second Team All-American

The headline says it all. Cornell Brown was named second team All-American by the AP. The first-team DL consisted of four big-name players, two from Florida State and one each from Arizona State and Nebraska. So congratulations to Cornell, who made it despite having a sub-par season.


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