Sunday, December 22nd, 1996

Hokie Central is Moving Soon

NRVNet, my ISP (Internet Service Provider, for you Net newbies) has been bought out by U.S. Internet, so Hokie Central will have a new address soon. U.S. Internet is currently in the process of migrating everybody over, and I have my suspicions that it's not going to go smoothly, so be patient if you can't find Hokie Central for a while (U.S. Internet has promised that if you try to access Hokie Central on NRVNet's server that it will automatically mirror over to U.S. Internet's server, but we'll see about that).

I can't verify this yet, but from what they tell me, this will be Hokie Central's new address:

When I finally make the transition successfully over to U.S. Internet, I'll let you know. To compound the problem, I won't be able to work on the page for about the next week, so I'm not sure what state things are going to be in when I get back on it.

NRVNet's Mail Server Currently Down

Given that NRVNet has sold out, it shouldn't surprise you that they don't seem to be concerned that their mail server has been down for almost two days now. So, for those of you who have been emailing me and getting rejection notices, that's why. I don't know when the mail server will be up again, so keep trying.

Are you getting the point? I don't hold high hopes for this transition going well. So hang in there, and I'll meet you on the other side.


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