Thursday, January 9th, 1997

The Annual Migration of the Assistant Coaches Has Begun

Channel 10 reported the following few tidbits concerning Hokie assistant coaches:

  • Tech Defensive Coordinator Bud Foster will interview for the Murray State head coaching job, and he is the leading candidate at this point. Foster was a player at Murray State from 1977-1980 and then served as an assistant at Murray State from 1981-1986, while Beamer was the head coach there.
  • The other piece of news is not really news in my opinion, it's just rumor. It's not like Greg Roberts of Channel 10 (WSLS) to spout off like this, but he talked for a minute about Ricky Bustle and the offensive coordinator's job at Clemson, which is currently open. Bustle is a Clemson graduate, and Greg Roberts said things like, "I've got to believe that Clemson is going to take a look at Bustle." Note that at no point did Greg Roberts actually say that Bustle was a candidate for the Clemson job, nor did he say that Bustle has an interview scheduled, or anything like that. He just kind of ... talked about it. So take that for what it's worth, which isn't much.

News About Former Hokie Football Players

Former Tech linebacker Ken Brown has signed a two-year contract with the Denver Browns, his first and former team. That's great news for Ken, who I believe has been out of football for a year or so.

Also, I caught a quick few moments of the Channel 7 (WDBJ) sports news, which is weird, because I almost never watch Channel 7. At the end of the broadcast, the sports anchor said that Maurice DeShazo has signed a 5-month contract with an Italian football team. I didn't catch the name of the team (you'd have to be fluent in Italian to even have a prayer of catching the name that the guy spit out), and it's not clear if it's a World League team or not, but in any case, Maurice has a job, at least for five months. Congrats.


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