Sunday, January 19th, 1997

Hokie Central Joins Conference Press Publishing

Okay, I'll admit that this is one of those things that's a big deal only to me. It won't make any difference in your life.

I was contacted by Conference Press Publishing (CPP), who asked if Hokie Central would be interested in becoming a member site. The way it works with CPP is that they provide an Internet web site called College Sports News Daily. On their web site, they provide daily news on college sports (hence the clever name, "College Sports News Daily"). The site provides a page for each major college team (and some not so major ones), wherein CPP compiles news stories and other articles of interest about the team. On these team pages, CPP also provides a link to what they call their "favorite independent site," and in the case of Virginia Tech, CPP wanted Hokie Central to be their independent link!

To get an idea of what I'm talking about, check out the main page for College Sports News Daily, and their Virginia Tech Hokies page. A Hokie Central logo should start appearing on their VT page soon.

As part of my participation, I now have a direct link to College Sports News Daily on my main page in the form of a clickable logo-link (you like that term, "logo-link"? I just made it up). I will also put a link to their VT page on my Links page soon.

In the grand scheme of things, this doesn't amount to much. I'll still work at providing the same info and features that you've always seen and liked here at Hokie Central, and Hokie Central won't change. All it means is that Hokie Central is now part of a larger network of college sports web sites, and a larger number of people will now have access to the page through a different source.

All right, all right, so it's an ego-feeder for me. I've got to do something until I get another web counter!

Seriously, though, I was flattered that they asked me. In the immortal words of Sally Field, "You like me! You really like me!" But, you know the drill. The more you feed Will's ego, the more stuff he puts on the page.

Speaking of which, let's get on with the real news....

Druck Puts in a Decent Showing at the Senior Bowl

For the record, Druck was 6 of 13 for 147 yards, 1 TD, and 1 ugly INT in Saturday's Senior Bowl in Mobile, Alabama. In reality, it was a typical game for Druck - some good, some bad, and some plays that only he could make.

Druckenmiller was pressured all day by a pass rush that sack him at least three times and limited his effectiveness, but he did have some nice plays. His most eventful drive was the North's second drive of the game, in which Druckenmiller hit Kevin Lockett out of Kansas State for about 15 yards across the middle (a whale of a catch by Lockett). He followed that a play or two later with another pass to Lockett, this one a 45-yard bomb down the left sideline that Lockett caught over his shoulder and was knocked out at about the three.

Speaking fairly, they were both difficult catches, and the receiving corps Tech had this year may have been able to make one of the catches, but probably not both.

Unfortunately, Druck followed that up with a hideous end zone interception. Druck had a fullback breaking open towards the corner of the end zone, but Jim didn't put enough loft on the ball, and it was picked off.

Druck's one TD pass came at the end of the third quarter, when he hit San Diego State's George Jones (who played a great game) on a flair-out, and Jones made a nifty run, turning it into a 24-yard TD. Without giving the QB too much credit on this play, I will have to say that it was an excellent pass. Druck led Jones perfectly, allowing the running back to catch it in stride and build up a head of steam before he crossed the line of scrimmage.

The other play worth mentioning was typical Druckenmiller. Late in the game, on a third and 10, he was pressured from his left side. Druck was actually hit before he released the ball, but he used his legendary strength to throw a strike anyway, across the middle to the tight end (tight end? What's that?).

Speaking of that strength, TBS did us the honor of running the now-famous tape of Druckenmiller breaking the team hang-clean record in the Tech weight room. The tape cracks me up every time I see it, and I estimate that between CBS, ESPN, and TBS, the clip has been shown on national TV at least five times now.

As for the other Hokies, Hagood played a lot and played very well, while Torrian Gray and Cornell Brown were non-factors. Cornell played outside linebacker and made several downfield tackles in pursuit, but he was also juked out of his shoes on one play out in the flat by a running back. It will be interesting to see where Cornell is drafted and what happens to him, but if he can focus and use his intensity to his advantage, he can play in the NFL.

Whatever, we'll miss all four of those guys, one of them in particular...

Rams Thrash Hokies at Cassell

You know by now that Rhode Island handed it to Tech in their ESPN2 game Saturday at Cassell Coliseum, 73-52. The 21-point margin of victory ties the largest losing margin ever at Cassell, which is pretty amazing, if you think about it. It's hard to believe no team has ever beaten Tech worse than that at home, because heck, Louisville has been beaten worse than that at home!

Do you like how I managed to find something positive out of the massacre? It was tough. Check out my short report on my Basketball Page.


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