Tuesday, May 6th, 1997

Man, talk about slow! It's a down time of year for Hokie Central, as there is very little news to report. Those of you who have been following the site for a while know that I tend not to report on baseball, golf, track, etc., so the site gets kind of lame during the late spring/early summer. Last year, I didn't update it a single time in May and June ... but don't worry, I'll post some news and features this summer.

Anyway, I've got a couple of Turkey Bites about Druck and the track team, and I'm working on an interesting Special Feature that I'll have posted within a week. It's a piece on some of the fundraising and revenue totals for Tech's athletic department this past year. It won't be terribly long, but like I said, it's some pretty interesting stuff. Watch for it.

Turkey Bites

  • Druck was out in San Francisco over the weekend, attending the 49ers minicamp. They're bombing the big guy with all sorts of material, but hey, he can handle it - he's a Tech grad! He's fighting to catch up and learn the system, but no major problems so far, other than the typical rookie-QB foibles like calling the wrong signals, such as yelling "hut" instead of "hike." Well, excuse a guy for not knowing there's a difference!

    They showed a clip of Druck on Channel 10 tonight, grinning in his new #14 Niners jersey and talking about his first pass to Jerry Rice. Jim shrugged and said, "It was a corner route, and I overthrew him. I figured oh well, at least I didn't underthrow him, where it could get picked off."

    That's our boy, always avoiding the interception! Too bad he couldn't drill Rice in the numbers though, because you only get to throw a first pass to Jerry Rice once in your life. But as Jim said, "Oh, well..."

  • In other news, both the mens' and womens' track teams won the Atlantic 10 championships over the weekend. You've got to figure that with the new outdoor track facility and the new indoor track surface, recruiting should be excellent, and the future looks bright indeed for both teams.


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