Tuesday, August 19th, 1997

Scrimmage Stats

The football team held a controlled scrimmage last Friday, and although I wasn't able to attend it, someone "in the know" was kind enough to email the stats to me. Here they are (sorry about the hard-to-read format, but I'm rushed, so I'll just throw the info at you):

Highlights of Football Scrimmage #1 - 8/15/97

Marcus Parker 33 yd run
Michael Stuewe 10 yd pass from Al Clark
Ken Handy 40 yd pass from Al Clark (diving catch)
Shayne Graham 41 yd field goal
Wayne Ward (fr) 9 yd run

Ken Oxendine 6 carries 44 yds
André Kendrick 9 carries 39 yds
Marcus Parker 1 carry 33 yds, TD
Lamont Pegues 6 carries 26 yds

Al Clark 4 of 6 for 61 yds., 2 TDs, 0 INT
Dave Meyer 4 of 11 for 21 yds., 0 TDs, 0 INT
Nick Sorensen 3 of 5 for 28 yds., 0 TDs, 0 INT

Ken Handy 2 catches 48 yards, 1 TD
Michael Stuewe 2 catches 16 yards, 1 TD
André Davis 1 catch 17 yards

Cory Bird (lb) 6 tackles, 1 sack for -7
John Engelberger 5 tackles, 1 TFL -8, 1 sack -6
Anthony Midget 4 tackles, 2 sacks for -8
Manny Clemente (lb) 4 tackles, 1 TFL -1
Corey Moore 3 tackles, 2 sacks for -13

Jimmy Kibble 4 punts for average of 40.8, long of 54

Most notable in those stats are the following:

  • the diving 40-yard catch by Ken Handy
  • the scoring run by Wayne Ward
  • Kendrick got some serious work at tailback (9 carries)
  • no running backs among the receiving leaders
  • the fact that once again, Al Clark didn't throw any INT's
  • Cory Bird leading in tackles
  • Engelberger with one sack and Corey Moore with two

Also notable is that Jimmy Kibble still seems to be troubled by inconsistency. A 40.8-yard average is nice, but if you take away the 54-yarder, he averages out to 36.4. As long as he kicks the short ones in their end and the long ones in our end....

The next scrimmage is at 3:15 today (Tuesday), and that is followed by one at 6 p.m. Friday. I'll try to make the Friday scrimmage, but I can't promise you anything, because I'll be spending the day at the Cascades, and well, you know how that goes. It's a tough place to leave, even for Hokie football.

Now, THIS is Fun

There are several HokieCentral members that I can count on to email me the URL's of some neat sites. Jerry South is one of them (members, not URL's). Here's the latest from Jerry:

"Wow, the VA DMV has really come through with a nifty web site!


You can try out your fave Hokie license plate and see if it is taken or not. Then you can see how it looks for real in various schemes."

He's not kidding - that is neat. Just like he said - I'll repeat it - you can specify a personalized Tech plate (or any old VA plate you want), see if it's taken, and click a button to view what it would look like. That's pegging my "Cool" meter at an eleven on a scale of 1 to 10. If you had told me that the Virginia DMV would use the Internet in such a neat fashion, I would have said, "Yeah, right! Go back to HOOpsonline!!"

More Neat Stuff

Why stop now? Except this is something you have to order from Tech, a place you can visit on the Internet.

I've got a Tech Football Media Guide, also called a "Maroon Book," and as the HokieCentral webmaster, it's an invaluable tool to me. But it suddenly struck me that some of you "normal" Hokie football fans might want to consider ordering one yourselves.

We're talking a slick, glossy publication that contains 164 pages of facts, player profiles, lineups, records, athletic department info, etc., etc., etc.

  • Can't quite remember the score of the 1990 ECU game? We won it at their place, 24-23 (page 158).
  • Can't recall how to spell Treg Koel's name? He's listed in the letterman's index (page 162).
  • Want to know how many yards Don Strock accumulated in his passing career? 6,009 (page 141).
  • Want to read a game-by-game recap of last year, including stats? You can, starting on page 131. Skip the Akron game, though.
  • Want to know more about Korey Irby? Check out his senior interview on page 102, where you'll find out that he graduated in just three-and-a-half years with bachelor's degree in liberal arts and sciences, with concentrations in psychology, political science, and sociology. He's pursuing a second bachelor's, this one in psychology, and wants to start on his masters this fall.

This fountain of information will enable you to thrill and amaze your friends on the HokieCentral message board. How else do you think Hokie Matt knew A.F. Gustafson was the Tech coach in 1928, much less that he went 7-2 that year? (I actually saw him post that on a message board once - I think it was the Miami Hurricane message board, and somebody answered "YEAH, BUT HOW MANY NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS DID HE WIN?!?! YOU SUCK!!")

All that knowledge and more will only cost you $14, shipping included. It's $14 well-spent, in my opinion. I can't remember if I ordered mine from the ticket office or the football office, but my credit card receipt says VT ATH TICKET OFFICE, so I would try 1-800-VATECH4 first.

Ask for Clare, and tell her HokieCentral sent you. It'll drive her crazy, since she probably has no idea what HokieCentral is (she is a nice lady, though).


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