Friday, February 26, 1999

Hokie Women Dominate A-10 Honors

As you might expect, riding the crest of their 25-1 season, the Tech women have raked in the lion's share of postseason honors in the Atlantic 10.

Before getting into comments, here are the honors earned by the Hokies:

  • Coach of the Year:  Bonnie Henrickson
  • Sixth "Man" of the Year:  Michelle Houseright
  • Most Improved Player:  Katie O'Conner
  • Defensive Player of the Year:  Lisa Witherspoon
  • First Team All A-10:  Tere Williams
  • Second Team All A-10:  Witherspoon, Amy Wetzel
  • All-Rookie Team:  Nicole Jones
  • All-Academic Team:  Witherspoon (3.53 GPA, Education), Wetzel (3.63, Biology)

Major honors not won by the Hokies are as follows:

  • Player of the Year:  Noelia Gomez, GW
  • Rookie of the Year:  Susan Moran, St. Joe's

So, get a load of that - out of the six major awards, Hokies won four of them.   And I certainly don't have a problem with Gomez and Moran winning the other two awards.  I saw both of them play this year, and they are both awesome players that deserve it.

See the full Tech-related press release at (that's a direct link to the article, not just the site), and for the full list of honors, visit the A-10's Women's basketball page and click on the 1999 "All-Conference Honors" link.

While we're on the subject of the women's team, here are a couple more items:


Tournament Info

I just received an email from Howard Sholl of the First State Chapter of the Virginia Tech Alumni Association.  The email has lots of good information in it and speaks for itself, so here it is:

Wear your Orange and Maroon - or other Hokie garb - to the Apollo of Temple on Saturday, February 27 at 12:00 Noon to cheer the Hokies Women's Basketball team in their Atlantic 10 Tournament opener. We will try to sit behind the Hokies bench. NOTE: Game time obtained from the Tech Athletic Department.

The Virginia Tech Women's Basketball team will play the winner of the Temple--Dayton game. Temple's arena is on North Broad Street.  Tickets are $8.00 and there is open seating.

Directions to the Apollo of Temple and information on parking are at located at the official Apollo of Temple web site.

Thanks to Howard for the information, in particular the directions.


Is Something Getting Ready to Happen With Tech and the Big East?

Okay, I know we've been down this road before, circa 1993, but there appears to be something afoot with Tech's possible admission into the Big East for all sports.  In the past few months, there have been positive vibes coming from everywhere regarding Tech getting into the Big East for all sports.

Big East commissioner Mike Tranghese, who usually ignores Tech, actually made some positive comments about Tech recently (remember me making fun of some comments he made in February 3rd's News and Notes?).  And some of those at Virginia Tech who are in the know, including coaches, administrators, and some well-connected fans, seem suddenly confident that Tech is going to get in ... soon.  As in, "by the end of the Spring."

In addition to Tranghese's comments from the 2/3 News and Notes, The Sporting News's Mark Bladschun (who I think also writes for the Boston Globe) recently wrote that the Big East is "thinking about admitting Virginia Tech for all sports."  Whatever that means.

I'm loathe to comment on the conference affiliation issue, because it's so volatile, and if there is something going on (remember, the Big East is supposed to finish a "strategic planning study" soon, and turn it over to the presidents of the member schools), then I'm really loathe to comment on it.   I would rather leave Tech's Athletic Director, Jim Weaver, room to work his magic, instead of engaging in rumor-mongering here in a very public forum.  The last thing I want to do is undermine the efforts of Tech's athletic administrators.

And just for the record, I don't know a thing.   Nothing concrete, anyway.  But it is true that the issue is surfacing again, and like I said, many people are saying that something is going to happen "soon."

But since this isn't the first time, we all know to exercise caution and not read too much into this.  Here's how I handle it:  I pick a date - in this case, I have picked May 1st - and if Tech hasn't been invited in for all sports, or if something concrete isn't happening, then I just dismiss the latest surge of rumors as exactly that ... rumors.  It's a little game I play to keep myself from letting it occupy my mind.

I will say one thing, though.  Last fall, when Mike Tranghese, the Clown Prince of Commissioners, signed the Big East's Gator Bowl bid over to Notre Dame, I went off in a News and Notes article entitled "The Big East?  I Want Out."  I'm not feeling so black-and-white these days, and I'll admit that I would welcome entrance into the Big East for all sports at this point.

What brought about the change of heart?  Another season of reporting on the Tech men's basketball team battling St. Bonaventure and La Salle in front of 3,000 fans at Cassell Coliseum, that's what.  The Atlantic 10 conference, among other things, is siphoning the life out of the men's basketball program, and despite Jack Bogaczyk's recent article telling Hokie fans to basically suck it up and get used to life in the A-10, I can't.  And most Hokie fans can't.

I'd much rather check out Tech versus the likes of Georgetown and Syracuse in the Cassell, and so would most Hokie fans ... and recruits.   So, while the Big East is still run by a buffoon, and it still has its problems (kick Notre Dame out, already!!!), all-sports membership is a magic bullet that Tech needs right now.  And I'd take it in the Big East.  Soon.

Tech Notes (In Case You Missed It)
  • Tech defensive backs coach Lou West left the Hokies to accept a coaching job at Notre Dame.  The loss of their coach will further test our defensive backfield, which loses Pierson Prioleau, Loren Johnson, and Keion Carpenter.   We've got a lot of good young players without much experience who will see playing time, and the loss of their coach is another unknown that they'll have to deal with.   Fortunately, Bud Foster knows the defense inside and out and can teach a new DB's coach the ropes, hopefully quickly.
  • Tech basketball recruit Tony Dobbins appears to know how to put the ball in the hole, a skill the Hokies need from the guard spot.  If you haven't seen it, check out this Washington Post article on a clash between Dobbins and Tamir Goodman.  But beware - the article says Dobbins is "unofficially committed" to Tech, which is wrong.   Tony has signed a letter of intent, which means he's ours.
  • Former Tech great Bimbo Coles, who has had a less-than-illustrious NBA career, lit it up the other night and appears to be playing better lately.
  • I made a boo-boo in the last News and Notes (wow, what a surprise.  It wouldn't be a day at HokieCentral without a mistake by Webmaster Will).   The NCAA Women's Tournament subregionals are held on Friday/Sunday and Saturday/Monday, which means they cover March 12-15, not March 11-14, as I previously reported.


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