Friday, April 16, 1999

A Football Junkie's Fix, Just in Time

It's hard to believe that over a year after after he was signed, Hokie fans will get their first really good look at Michael Vick in action.  Sure, it's not the same as watching him go up against UVa, WVU, or Miami, but it'll have to do.  And the good thing is, we get to see how Mr. Vick does against one of the best defenses in the country, albeit a slightly banged-up one.

The weather report depends upon whom you listen to.  There is a front moving through the area that's keeping it cold and damp, and some forecasters say it will be out of here by Saturday morning, and others say it won't.  The Channel 10 weather guys predict partly cloudy skies Friday and Saturday, whereas the Weather Channel is predicting sun on Friday but showers on Saturday.  The temperature will peak at the mid-upper 50's on Saturday.

The good news is, if it does rain, you can probably take your umbrella into Lane Stadium, since this isn't a "real" game.

Whatever the forecast, you shouldn't let it stop you from getting a peek at next year's edition of the Hokie football team.  I'm counting on a pretty big crowd for the HC tailgate, and we'll have tents there in case of rain, so show up!

My Spring Game report this year will resemble the ones I have posted in the past, which means that it will be a myopic, cobbled-together mass of unrelated impressions, written by a guy who really doesn't know that much about football, when you get right down to it.   Fortunately, Vip in Danville always helps me out with killer depth charts, which makes my report look really official and well thought-out (hey, Vip, you will be there, right?  Don't leave me hangin'!).

Here's a preview for you, though:  at some point in the report, I'm betting that I'll say that Michael Vick can really throw.


Tech Notes

Don't forget, covered in recent News and Notes entries:

Also of note:

  • The most significant injury of the spring appears to be Carl Bradley's shoulder.  Carl hurt it in the Pitt game last year, and played in pain the rest of the year.  He had it operated on recently, and he may not even be able to play next year.  Fortunately, Carl has a redshirt year still available, and the Hokies have depth at the tackle position in David Pugh and Chad Beasley, both of whom have seen significant practice time, because Nathaniel ("don't call me Nat or Nate") Williams is also dinged up.
  • For those of you who will have extra tickets next year, I'll be collecting unused tickets and donating them to the local NRV chapter of the Big Brothers/Big Sisters.  I talked to them the other day, and they have 44 "matches" that could use in the neighborhood of 100 tickets.  As the football season approaches, I'll post a link on my Football Page with directions on where to send your unused tickets so I can donate them.
  • The Hokies dropped UVa in baseball in Blacksburg the other day, 13-9.  Tech continues to roll, whereas UVa is having a tough season, with something like a 12-25 season (boo Hoo).
  • For all the latest Hokie news, visit HokiefromWV's VT Hokie News Page.   I don't have the time to come up with all those links, but I sure wish I had the time to at least read them!


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