Monday, July 12, 1999

Trying to Figure Out the TV Games

Although official Virginia Tech sources have been silent on the matter, football game times are starting to be nailed down by unofficial sources. Recent updates to the CBS Sportsline broadcast schedule now list Tech's game with Boston College as a 2:30 game on Friday, November 26th.

Yeah, I know. I'll give you a second to quit hyperventilating. Feel better now? Crazy, isn't it, the thought of CBS showing a Tech game? But again, that was a recent update that changed the slot from uncommitted to Tech/Boston College, so I think they've made the decision. The 1999 schedule on my Football Page now reflects that information, as does the schedule on the home page.

Other unconfirmed reports say that ESPN will show the Syracuse and Miami games (and the Thursday night Clemson game, of course), and that ESPN2 will show the UVa game. These same unconfirmed reports list the Syracuse and Miami game times as a sweeeet 7 p.m. (love those night games!), with the UVa game being at 6 p.m.

The start time of 7 o'clock for the Syracuse game conflicts with an 8 p.m. game time that was given by the Virginia Tech alumni magazine in its Homecoming information. The Homecoming events are not shown on the Virginia Tech Magazine's web site, but it is listed as 8 in the print version.

As for finding updated ESPN/ESPN2 college football listings on-line, forget about it. My link to their broadcast schedule only includes games through January 24th … 1999. If anyone can find an up-to-date listing of games ESPN plans to show during the 1999 season, please pass it on to me. I found listings on ABC's college football site, but they're just for ABC, not ESPN/ESPN2.

So consider the ESPN/ESPN2 times and schedules to be very speculative at this point. It's reasonable to think that they would televise the Syracuse, Miami, and UVa games, but the times are definitely up in the air.

Note that only the confirmed TV dates are shown on HokieCentral's home page, and no times are shown there. On the Football Page, however, I list unconfirmed times and TV, along with question marks to indicate that no official confirmation has been received.

Tech Notes

  • By the way, while cruising around the Virginia Tech magazine web site, I found an article that consists of comments president Torgersen made about athletics in a Founder's Day speech. Dr. Torgersen is a well-known supporter of college athletics, and in his comments, he talks frankly about the bad publicity Tech received from the football team arrests back in 1996, and the Comprehensive Action Plan that was implemented to deal with behavior problems. He also speaks about the importance of an athletic program to the university as a whole, and the effect that the football team's success of the last six years has had on the university's nationwide reputation.
  • Jim Druckenmiller's rape trial is scheduled for Monday, July 19th in Montgomery County. Prosecutors attempted to have the trial moved out of Montgomery County, fearing that Druck's "football hero" status might preclude a fair trial. The prosecutors lost that argument, and the trial is on for Montgomery County, a week from today.


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