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Friday, February 23, 2001
by Lakota Hokie

Football Injuries Update

As of February 21st, there are some significant injury updates for the Hokie football roster, including several important members of next year’s squad. The information has been spread around all over the place, so we thought we would summarize things here on TSL to bring you up to speed on how everyone is doing.

The recent status of the players and their scheduled return to action is listed below, by position.

Wide Receivers/Defensive Backs:

Ernest Wilford: On 2/16/01, Ernest Wilford had successful surgery to remove part of the patellar tendon. After rehabbing for approximately 3-4 months, Wilford should be ready to go, without the nagging pain that hindered his vertical movement throughout last year’s campaign.

Andre Davis: Davis had ankle surgery on January 3rd and is walking without crutches and/or a boot. He should be in excellent shape for spring practice.

Garnell Wilds: Torn ACL during last season. Wilds is looking good and will be ready for spring practice.

Larry Austin: Larry also tore an ACL last season but is progressing steadily and should be ready for spring practice.

Offensive Lineman/Tight Ends:

Jacob Gibson: Gibson had his left knee scoped on 2/9/01, with no tear of the ACL or cartilage damage found. As of now, he looks ready to go for spring practice.

Jake Grove: Jake seems to be progressing well with his injury to his lower back. He should not miss any significant time this spring, as well.

Luke Owens: Owens had an ACL reconstruction on 1/4/01 and looks to be progressing quickly. Currently, there is no timetable available for his return to action.

Browning Wynn: Browning had successful shoulder surgery on 1/3/01 and seems to be moving along just fine.

Seth Noonkester: Seth tore an ACL last season, but is looking ready for spring practice.

Defensive Tackles/Ends:

David Pugh: David had a similar procedure as Andre Davis’, on January 26th, and is now walking without crutches. His original timetable for return was 6-8 weeks.

Chad Beasley: Beasley had successful toe surgery on 1/12/01. The cast has been removed and he’s been cleared to begin rehab.


Jake Houseright: Jake had an ACL reconstruction performed on 1/19/01 and is already off crutches and progressing nicely. No timetable is available for his return to action.

Ben Taylor: Taylor had successful ankle reconstruction surgery on 1/26/01 and will remain in a cast for up to 6 weeks. I’ve had the same procedure and I was back to my active schedule (golfing, etc…) within 2 months.

Willie Pile: Free safety Willie Pile had shoulder surgery on 1/3/01 and is progressing quickly with his rehab.

Well, folks, that’s all the updated injury information for now. It seems that Michael Vick still has a case of an extremely swollen wallet and it doesn’t look likely he’ll return anytime soon. Keep checking on your favorite players’ status and say a few words of "encouragement" for their rapid returns.


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