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Wednesday, May 16, 2001
by Will Stewart,

Issue #7 of the TSL Extra is proud to roll out issue 7 of the TSL Extra, featuring a profile of quarterback recruit Bryan Randall and the second part of the "Money Makers" series on finances in college athletics. This issue of the TSL Extra contains 7 new articles and totals 46 pages of Hokie-related reading.

This month's issue, in addition to the Randall profile and "Money Makers" article, also includes a look at the Big East Football Conference after ten years and a feature on offensive line recruit Danny McGrath. This month's "Inside the Numbers" feature brings you TV ratings and attendance figures for NCAA bowl games from 1998-2000, so you can see where the Hokies rank in both categories.

Here's a rundown of the articles in this month's TSL Extra:

Cover Story: Bryan Randall -- by Neal Williams
Bryan Randall attended Virginia Tech’s spring football game April 21 along with a number of the Hokies’ other recruits. He stood on the sidelines at Lane Stadium and took some time to scan the stands ...

The Money Makers, Part 2: Football -- by Will Stewart
This article, Part 2 of the "Money Makers" series, looks at football income and expenses. We'll go over the statistics for the BCS conferences, compare them to some non-BCS conference data, and tell you who the top money-makers and money-losers are in college football...

The Money Makers: Follow-up to Part 1 -- by Will Stewart
Part 1 of "The Money-Makers" from last month's issue of the TSL Extra gave overall revenue and expense figures for Division 1 athletic departments for the 1998-1999 academic year. Most readers found the data to be fascinating reading, as did I, but it also brought up plenty of questions...

The Big East at 10 -- by Jim Alderson
A decade has passed since the creation of what was then known as the Big East Football Conference. A conference round-robin did not begin until 1993, but 1991 was the year the conference hung out its football shingle. It has been an eventful ten years...

Short Take: Catching Up With Danny McGrath -- by Scott Veith
Virginia Tech's wrestling team could use a 275 pound high school district champ from central Virginia. Unfortunately for the wrestlers, this district champ will be strapping on the pads for the Tech football team next year...

Inside the Numbers: Bowl Ratings and Attendance -- by Will Stewart
Back in issue #2, a contact in the television industry sent me a spreadsheet of college football TV ratings for the 2000 season. At the time, my contact promised to send me bowl ratings and attendance figures for a future article. He came through a few weeks ago ...

Inside TSL: One of My Better Days -- by Will Stewart
Tuesday, April 17th was one of my more interesting days as the GM of That was the day was announced as one of two outlets carrying the Michael Vick autographed prints, and it was also the day that Jim Rome repeated the name of the web site -- three times -- to a national radio audience...

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