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Wednesday, October 17, 2001
by Will Stewart,

Issue #12 of the TSL Extra

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Subscribers: Don't miss the contest announced in this month's "Inside TSL" -- you have a shot at winning a $300 leather VT attache/laptop case from! The contest is open to subscribers only -- new subscribers are welcome, as long as you turn in your contest entry by November 1st. is proud to release issue #12 of the TSL Extra. This month's lead story is an analysis of the football team that will tell you when their next, best shot at winning a national championship is. This month's issue also includes features on defensive tackles of the past (J.C. Price), present (Dan Wilkinson), and future.

We also have a feature on Virginia Tech's own "Rudy," walk-on kicker Matt Felber, and there's a story about concession operations at Virginia Tech and an "Inside the Numbers" feature on Virginia Tech's special teams dominance under Frank Beamer.

Here's a rundown of the articles in this month's TSL Extra:

The Future: Breaking it Down
by Will Stewart 
An in-depth look at the future of the Tech football team, position-by-position, and an analysis of which year the Hokies will have their next good shot at winning the national championship.

In Search of Defensive Tackles
by Neal Williams 
This year, the Hokies are loaded at defensive tackle. But when the current quintet departs, who'll be the future run-stoppers?

Dan Wilkinson: A Life on Track
by Neal Williams 
Defensive tackle Dan Wilkinson, an unheralded career backup, never let his lack of stardom hold him back from being a credit to himself and the Virginia Tech football team.

Where Are They Now: J.C. Price
by Will Stewart
After a turbulent few years, former All-American J.C. Price has figured things out and can't wait to get on with life.

Popcorn, Pizza, and Pretzels
by Tamlin Bason 
Everything you ever wanted to know about the concession stands at Virginia Tech sporting events, in a tasty, easy-to-digest format.

Virginia Tech's Own "Rudy"
by Cary Whaley
For some players, the path to glory is quick and relatively easy. For walk-on Matt Felber, it took five years of perseverance just to be able to run out of the tunnel in a Tech uniform.

Inside the Numbers: Special Teams Dominance
by Will Stewart 
The Hokie football team is the best at special teams play, but exactly how much better are they than their opponents?

Inside TSL: Short Takes
by Will Stewart 
A contest, a correction, a cover photo, and a compliment.

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