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Thursday, July 31, 2003
by Will Stewart,

Tripp Carroll Out 2-4 Weeks For Surgery

Freshman offensive lineman Tripp Carroll, who entered VT in January and participated in spring practice, will undergo surgery to relieve compartment syndrome, which causes leg pain while exercising. Carroll is expected to be out 2-4 weeks, and will not miss any game time.

Carroll is listed as a co-second-teamer with Reggie Butler at left tackle, behind starter Jon Dunn. It's possible that Carroll will wind up redshirting this fall, if the coaches open fall practice and feel that Dunn and Butler comprise an effective 1-2 rotation at the left tackle spot. It's also possible that if Carroll recovers quickly, he might be moved to right tackle, where he could help back up Jimmy Martin.

Carroll joins fellow January enrollee Corey Gordon on the "unable to participate" list. Gordon sprained an ankle in mid-July that will take another couple of weeks to fully heal.

In addition, rising senior defensive end Jim Davis (torn pectoral muscle) will redshirt this fall and return as a redshirt senior in 2004.

Strength and Conditioning Results

The Hokies just finished preliminary Fall Max Testing, in which the players who are enrolled for summer school and wish to get their max testing out of the way can do so. All football players are not required to report until August 6th, and those who did not participate in the preliminary testing this week, including the true freshmen, will test out shortly after arriving.

Max testing involves the following lifts and speed events: bench press, back squat, power clean, push jerk, vertical jump, and 10-yard dash.

Notable results (complete results for all 82 players who participated are available to subscribers of

  • Center Jake Grove tied the team bench press record (set by former OL Josh Redding) of 500 pounds. This tops Grove's previous personal best of 490 pounds.
  • Bryan Randall set the QB bench press record with 370 pounds, beating Al Clark's record by 5 pounds. Randall also tied Jim Druckenmiller's 331-pound push jerk record.
  • OG Will Montgomery, a redshirt sophomore who walked on and earned a scholarship, set the all-time guard position power clean record with 366 pounds, third-best all time.
  • Walk-on FB Jason Meyer set the fullback bench press record with 480 pounds, beating the old FB record (Wayne Briggs) by a whopping 30 pounds.
  • The fastest 10-yard dash time was turned in by DE Cols Colas, and it wasn't even close. Colas did it in 1.49 seconds. WR Chris Shreve, with a 1.58, was the only other player who turned in a time of less than 1.60.
  • Three players squatted over 600 pounds: DT Tim Sandidge (650), DT Isaac Montgomery (605), and FB Jason Meyer (605).
  • Will Montgomery and Cols Colas had the highest push-jerk lifts, at 370 pounds.
  • Three players recorded 40-inch vertical jumps (the VT record is 43.5", set by Pierson Prioleau in 1997): CB Garnell Wilds, LB James Anderson, and RB Kevin Jones.
  • Jones, by the way, recorded the third-best 10-yard dash at 1.61 seconds.

One player who really stood out was Cols Colas. In addition to posting a team-best 10-yard dash, Colas tied for the highest push-jerk lift, tied for fourth-highest bench press (420 pounds), and tied for fifth highest power clean (326 pounds). Add to that a 34-inch vertical leap and a sub-4.5 forty, and you've got a guy who is ready to rush the QB.

Stats and Figures: Season Tickets, Parking, Etc.

Some nuggets that have come across our desk the last few days:

  • The Hokies have sold 36,300 football season tickets, with a handful more available.
  • There will be 6,600 assigned parking spaces available for football season this year, up from 6,000 last year. No one below the Orange and Maroon Hokie Club donation level will receive parking passes.
  • Hokie Club donations set a record for the 2002-2003 fiscal year of $14.38 million, up from $13.68 the year before. Hokie Club membership increased microscopically, with most of the $700,000 increase coming from existing members increasing their donation level.
  • A score ticker has been installed in the South End Zone for tracking the scores of games in progress. The ticker will be visible to all but those sitting in the SEZ upper deck.


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