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Wednesday, July 7, 2004
by Will Stewart,

Suspensions Handed Down for Vick, Hill, Imoh

In two statements released by Virginia Tech late Tuesday afternoon, three-game suspensions were given to Marcus Vick, Brenden Hill, and Mike Imoh for their convictions in May of contributing to the delinquency of a minor, and a separate indefinite suspension was given to Vick for his arrest early Sunday morning on charges of reckless driving and marijuana possession.

Both statements were released on both and The first statement, Statement from Jim Weaver: Disciplinary action taken, pertains to Hill, Imoh, and Vick and announces that they will be suspended for three games as a result of their May convictions. Weaver stated:

I believe that the actions this past winter of Mike Imoh, Brenden Hill, and Marcus Vick were inappropriate and contrary to the values of our university and sports communities, and should warrant sanction. Although these matters are on appeal in the criminal courts, I am moving forward in the best interests of all concerned with disciplinary action. I have spoken to the athletes and have levied a three-game suspension at the beginning of this coming season. The student-athletes understand the rationale for this decision.

Weaver also wrote:

I also wish to correct reporting errors in published news articles last week. The university’s Comprehensive Action Plan is clear. Never have any university officials suggested that I not take disciplinary action against student athletes nor suggested that I do not have the right or authority to impose disciplinary sanctions from athletic play. Indeed, the university president and I have discussed my options and the appropriate course of action. He clearly has supported my authority and urged me to expeditiously move forward the disciplinary process. He concurs in this action.

This paragraph is assumed to be in reference to a June 29th Roanoke Times article, Vick might start season on the field, in which Weaver indicated that VT legal counsel was telling him to wait until the appeal of Vick, Imoh, and Hill had run its course before taking disciplinary action. From the article:

Weaver said Monday he wasn't sure if he will be able to hand out sanctions before the cases are resolved.

"I don't know if the university will allow me to do it or not, simply because of the potential threat of lawsuits by the individual attorneys representing the players, to be sure they were extended due process by the athletic department," Weaver said. "I know that sounds far-fetched, but I've talked to ... the university legal counsel."

The second statement released Tuesday, Virginia Tech student-athlete suspended, is a release from the athletic department, not Weaver individually, and it says that Vick "has been suspended indefinitely from athletic competition."

The statement continues, "The suspension is related to an out-of-town incident that occurred last week. This action is separate and apart from an earlier three-game suspension announced today."

The indefinite suspension for Vick means he won't participate in any team-related activities: workouts, practices, media events, etc. It also means that true freshman QB Cory Holt, who entered Virginia Tech in January from Hargrave Military Academy and participated in spring drills, is now the #2 quarterback behind Bryan Randall. Incoming recruit Sean Glennon will join the battle for playing time this fall.

Imoh and Hill will get to practice and work out with the team but will miss the season-opening games against USC (Aug. 28th), Western Michigan (Sep. 11th), and Duke (Sep. 18th).

Vick's indefinite suspension is not classified as a dismissal from the team. Under the terms of Virginia Tech's Comprehensive Action Plan (CAP), an arrest for a misdemeanor -- such as the reckless driving and drug possession charges filed against Vick this weekend -- comes under the review of Athletic Director Jim Weaver. Weaver has the following options at his disposal:

A. Warning.
B. Probation.
C. Restricted use of athletic services or facilities.
D. Suspension from play and/or practice for a stated period of time.

The CAP states that in the case of a misdemeanor charge, dismissal from the team is "only available for a conviction or if the student-athlete pleads guilty or no contest" to the misdemeanor.


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