Recruiting Update: Chase Anastasio
by Chris Horne, 12/15/02

Chase Anastasio Returns from OSU

Robinson (Fairfax, VA) athlete Chase Anastasio capped off what was an extremely busy week with an official trip to Ohio State. The trip turned out to be worth it.

“It was a good visit,” said Anastasio, who played three varsity basketball games on consecutive nights (Tuesday-Thursday) before heading to Columbus Friday morning. “I got to meet all of the coaches and the players. I was hosted by true freshman linebacker AJ Hawk and defensive tackle Tim Shafer.”

Before taking his official visits, Anastasio was hoping each trip would help him narrow things down. He has since learned, however, that the visits are having the opposite effect.

“I’ve only been on two, but they were both very much alike,” said Anastasio, who visited Notre Dame last weekend. “Both were very similar. Each program is busy showing you everything they have to offer. I was hoping the visits would make things easier, but they aren’t. It seems like each visit is the same. I am forming relationships with coaches, so it will be even harder to make my decision.”

Anastasio has scheduled visits to UVa for January 17 and Virginia Tech for January 24. He was previously scheduled to go to Stanford this weekend, but has cancelled and likely will not set another trip. Following his first two visits, it appears no team has been able to jump out in front of the rest.

“I don’t have a leader,” said Anastasio. “I will definitely take my visits to Virginia and Virginia Tech, and I will decide after those visits.”

Staying in-state is not a top priority for Anastasio, although he admits the thought of staying home does run through his mind.

“It doesn’t really make a difference,” said Anastasio when asked if he wants to stay in-state. “I just want to choose the school that I’m comfortable with. Although, in the back of my mind, I know it would be nice to stay home and play in front of my friends and family. That goes for Virginia and for Virginia Tech as well.”

There are several factors from his top four schools that are appealing. In the end, it will likely come down to the comfort level Anastasio has with the players from each school.

“I like the coaches at Virginia,” said Anastasio. “I really like both Groh’s – Mike and Al – and my recruiting coach Al Golden. I like coaches Foster and Beamer from Virginia Tech, and I like the fact that they want me to go both ways. Both schools have great academics. Virginia will be ranked next year, and Virginia Tech will be there as well.

“As for Notre Dame, it’s every boy’s wish to play football for them - kind of like the movie Rudy. I know the coaches really well, and I like Coach Willingham a lot.”

The Hokies currently have ex-Robinson standouts Cary Wade and Mike Imoh playing as true freshmen this season, as well as a verbal commitment from current senior John Kinzer. While Anastasio wouldn’t mind reuniting with his ex-teammates, their presence will not be a factor in his decision.

“It would make things more comfortable for me to have them there,” said Anastasio. “But it will not be a factor in my decision. It won’t make a difference.”

For Robinson, Anastasio embodied the term “athlete,” playing free safety, running back, wing back, wide receiver, and a little quarterback (practice only) for Coach Mark Bendorf. Both state schools are recruiting Anastasio as an athlete, while Notre Dame is going after him as a pure wide receiver and Ohio State wants him to play free safety.

One of the East Coast’s best athlete’s, Anastasio is an important recruit for both in-state programs. He could play a number of different positions and be an immediate presence for whichever program lands his services.


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