Letter From the Editor
by Will Stewart
TSL Extra, Issue #5

Wow, this issue is a whopper.

To new subscribers, welcome -- you have jumped on board at just the right time, I think. To old subscribers (if there's any such thing, for a publication that is just five issues old), get ready for what may be the best issue yet of the TSL Extra. It's certainly the biggest.

This issue features a massive interview with Kevin Jones and his dad, Thomas Jones. Most of the interview is spent talking to Thomas, not Kevin. The elder Jones is more talkative than his soft-spoken son, and some of the questions I had to ask were a little controversial, so I spent most of my time talking to Thomas. He was a fountain of information and an entertaining interview subject.

A lot has been written about Kevin Jones and his recruitment, so you might think that you have already read all there is to know, but believe it or not, you haven't. Our interview contains some new and interesting stuff never before revealed anywhere else.

In addition to chatting with a new Hokie, we talk with a couple of old Hokies -- Ken Oxendine and Corey Moore. Ken is playing for the LA Xtreme in the XFL, and Corey has completed his rookie year for the NFL's Buffalo Bills. We'll bring you up to date on what each of them thinks about where they are and where they're going.

This month's "Inside the Numbers" is a pet project that I have been dreaming about doing ever since I started the TSL Extra. In this issue, I take the defensive statistics for the Hokie football team from the past year and cram them into a formula designed to figure out which player was the most productive for the season overall, and which player was most productive for each minute that he spent on the field. One answer will not surprise you, but the other one will.

Those four headline articles are rounded out nicely by three other articles on a variety of topics: quarterback development, the challenge facing the Tech men's basketball team, and the latest "Inside TSL" -- which, amazingly, does not contain any hit statistics this month (sorry).

All in all, it adds up to the biggest TSL Extra ever. I think you'll like this issue, but if you don't, then I've decided that there's just no pleasing you.

As always, folks, thanks for supporting the site by subscribing to the TSLX. Please spread the word about this fine publication (as long as the word is good), don't forget to take advantage of your 10% TechLocker.com discount and enjoy issue #5.



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