Letter From the Editor: Filling the Summer Void
by Will Stewart
TSL Extra, Issue #7

And now, ladies and gentlemen, we enter into one of the great voids in sports: the summer. For a college sports fan like me, the long summers, dominated by baseball, NASCAR, and the NBA playoffs, are pretty boring.

Every year, I tell myself I'm going to pay attention to major league baseball again, like I used to, and darn it, I am going to follow the Mets and care again, like I used to. But I just can't do it. Ever since Dwight Gooden fell victim to the nose candy (and that was a long, long time ago), my interest in the Mets has waned, never to return.

I also can't root for my Philadelphia 76ers anymore, not like I used to, because Allen Iverson (did I spell his name right? Who cares?) is a joke when compared to one of my sports idols, Julius Erving. Iverson is probably a better all-around player than Dr. J. was, but as a human being forget it. Erving is a hall-of-famer in that department, while the best Iverson could hope for is to be a janitor in that hall of fame. Hey, Allen, at the next press conference, take off those stupid sunglasses. It's rude to wear them indoors.

And NASCAR? I hear it's a fascinating sport full of intrigue and strategy, but I'll never know, because I can't bring myself to watch it and pay attention. Every time the Roanoke TV guys lead with a NASCAR story (in other words, just about every night), I just doze off. That's not knocking NASCAR (I'm not dumb enough to do that, here in Southwest Virginia). I'm just not interested.

Into this void step TechSideline.com and the TSL Extra. The college sports world isn't exactly full of news during the summers, and if it is, it tends to be the wrong kind of news, mainly player arrests and transfers. But nonetheless, we here at TSL and the TSL Extra attempt to keep you entertained and informed even when there isn't much going on that's entertaining and informative.

The TSLX will help you get through the summer months with more of the types of analysis, insight, and commentary to which you have become accustomed. It's not always easy, but it seems to work itself out. Every month, I wonder what in the heck we're going to write about, and every month, it falls together quite unexpectedly. It's a pleasure to produce this little monthly publication that requires so much work yet yields so much satisfaction to me, and hopefully to you.

We're now entering the second half of our first year. Thanks to everyone for making the first half of the year a success, and we hope you enjoy the second half and decide to renew your subscription when your time comes.

Without further ado (is it obvious I have nothing of import to say here?), enjoy issue #7.



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