Issue 11: September 19, 2001

Letter From The Editor -- Will Stewart
Keeping on.

Recruiting Profile: Noland Burchette -- Will Stewart
Under the watchful eye of a mentoring coach, Virginia Tech recruit Noland Burchette has transformed his life.

Wrong Turns and Bad Decisions: The Fate of Camm Jackson -- Neal Williams
Four years ago,
David Pugh and Camm Jackson traveled the same road from Amherst High School to Virginia Tech. Since then, they have gone in opposite directions.

Sweet Feet Steps Up -- Art Stevens
Keith Burnell used to think he knew it all. But he had a lot to learn.

A Game of Inches -- Will Stewart
Just a few inches are all that separates Alan Wheeling from his dream of playing football for Virginia Tech.

Inside the Numbers: The 1995 Defense Versus the 1999 Defense -- Will Stewart
A statistical battle for the ages: Cornell Brown's 1995 Virginia Tech defense versus Corey Moore's 1999 defense.

Inside TSL: Tracking Camm Jackson -- Will Stewart
I've always wondered what happened to Camm Jackson. Now I know.


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