Issue 12: October 17, 2001

Letter From The Editor -- Will Stewart
The big guys in the middle.

The Future: Breaking it Down -- Will Stewart
An in-depth look at the future of the Tech football team, position-by-position, and an analysis of which year the Hokies will have their next good shot at winning the national championship.

In Search of Defensive Tackles -- Neal Williams
This year, the Hokies are loaded at defensive tackle. But when the current quintet departs, who'll be the future run-stoppers?

Dan Wilkinson: A Life on Track -- Neal Williams
Defensive tackle Dan Wilkinson, an unheralded career backup, never let his lack of stardom hold him back from being a credit to himself and the Virginia Tech football team.

Where Are They Now: J.C. Price -- Will Stewart
After a turbulent few years, former All-American J.C. Price has figured things out and can't wait to get on with life.

Popcorn, Pizza, and Pretzels -- Tamlin Bason
Everything you ever wanted to know about the concession stands at Virginia Tech sporting events, in a tasty, easy-to-digest format.

Virginia Tech's Own "Rudy" -- Cary Whaley
For some players, the path to glory is quick and relatively easy. For walk-on Matt Felber, it took five years of perseverance just to be able to run out of the tunnel in a Tech uniform.

Inside the Numbers: Special Teams Dominance -- Will Stewart
The Hokie football team is the best at special teams play, but exactly how much better are they than their opponents?

Inside TSL: Short Takes -- Will Stewart
A contest, a correction, a cover photo, and a compliment.


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