Letter From the Editor: Let's Bowl
by Will Stewart, TechSideline.com
TSL Extra, Issue #14

Dear Readers:

Another year, another bowl. It never gets old, does it?

I was concerned that Hokie fans would react with disinterest to this year's Gator Bowl bid, Tech's third such invitation in five years, but fortunately, my fears were for naught. As I write this (on Dec. 20, 2001), Tech has sold over 14,000 tickets for the Florida State matchup next January 1st, with another 3,000-4,000 estimated tickets being purchased by Tech fans through Ticketmaster.

The matchup no doubt helps. They may be down this year, but Florida State is still Florida State, and a win over the 'Noles would be a feather in Tech's cap and something to treasure for years to come.

That set me to thinking about other VT bowl victories under Frank Beamer, and the next thing you know, a theme for this issue had been set. I decided to take a look at the four bowl wins the Hokies have under Coach Beamer: the 1993 Independence Bowl, the 1995 Sugar Bowl, the 1998 Music City Bowl, and the 2000 Gator Bowl. Each win had its own characteristics and was important for its own reasons, and a big win is a story that always deserves retelling.

The twist I added was to present each bowl game through the eyes -- and voice -- of a different person. We interviewed defensive tackle Jeff Holland for the Independence Bowl, Bud Foster for the MCB, and Ronyell Whitaker for the 2000 Gator Bowl. And for the 1995 Sugar Bowl, I decided to add a twist to the twist and write it from the perspective of a Hokie fan: me. You'll see what special significance that Sugar Bowl holds for me when you read the article.

The result is four great stories that will not only enhance your understanding of each bowl and help you relive it, but the articles will remind you of things you may have forgotten, and each win is put into its proper perspective. It's the kind of thing that can only be done in a magazine format like the TSL Extra, and I think you'll enjoy it.

Wrapped around those four articles like bookends are a behind-the-scenes look at the Gator Bowl and an "Inside the Numbers" that examines bowl payouts. Be sure to take a look at the ITN article, because there are, as Cliff Claven might say, some "little known facts" there. You can use them to amaze and amuse your friends on the message boards.

"Inside TSL" is absent from this issue but will return next month with some interesting insights into the football players Tech is recruiting this year and what it's like to interview them.

One more thing: thanks to everyone for their support of TSL and TechLocker.com this holiday season. We've had a great December, and I wanted to express our appreciation. Now, be sure to stop by TechLocker.com and spend your Christmas money there too, okay?

Enjoy issue #14.



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