Spring Football 2002 in a Nutshell
by Will Stewart, TechSideline.com
TSL Extra, Issue #17

Okay, so maybe you don't have enough time right now to read those two long spring football articles elsewhere in this issue. Pull up a chair, and we'll give it to you in bullet form.

Ready to step into the limelight: After spending a few seasons in the program, these players have the opportunity to be first-time starters next season and will spend this spring trying to win first-string jobs and preparing to make their mark:

WR Ernest Wilford
WR Shawn Witten
WR Richard Johnson
TE Keith Willis
FB Doug Easlick
DT Kevin Lewis
LB Mikal Baaqee
LB Vegas Robinson

In danger of disappearing: These players have been around the program a few years, and if they don't get it in gear this spring, they may get passed over in favor of younger players, never to crack the two-deep and never to make an impact at Virginia Tech:

OL Anthony Nelson
FB Joe Wilson
FB Marvin Urquhart
LB Chris Buie
ROV Sam Fatherly

Threatened by injury: These players enter the spring trying to recover from injuries that threaten to submerge them deep in the depth chart, perhaps on a permanent basis:

TE Mike Jackson
LB Deon Provitt

On the hot seat: These anticipated starters have unexpectedly been shuffled down the depth chart, sending them a message. What that message is, is known only to the players and coaches:

TE Keith Willis
WR Richard Johnson

Fighting off all comers: These players are starters from last year or anticipated starters for 2002 who have potential replacements (in parentheses) breathing down their necks:

QB Grant Noel (Bryan Randall, Chris Clifton, Will Hunt)
TE Keith Willis (Jeff King, Jared Mazetta)
WR Richard Johnson (Shawn Witten)
FB Doug Easlick (Josh Spence)
DE Cols Colas (Nathaniel Adibi)

On the move? These players might be moved to another position before spring practice is over:

Bryan Randall: from QB to ROV or FS
Will Hunt: from QB to ROV or Whip
Chris Clifton: from QB to WR
Justin Hamilton: from TB to WR
D.J. Walton: from CB to ROV



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