Letter From the Editor: An Unsettled Feeling
by Will Stewart
TSL Extra, Issue #18

Dear Readers:

"Is it maroon? Because I don't have a maroon one."

That's what Shawn Scales asked me when I told him that I have one of his old Tech football jerseys. We were just getting ready to conduct a phone interview a few days ago. Scales was a receiver for the Hokies from 1993-1997, and those of you who remember him know that his story is a compelling and interesting one. We retell it this month, and bring you up to date on where he is now.

I was a big Shawn Scales fan years ago, and I even got to meet him once. I was interviewing Bill Roth during the summer of 1997, and he was showing me around the Jamerson Athletic Center at Tech, when we bumped into Scales, and Roth introduced me.

After a brief chat, we parted ways, and Roth said, "He's going to have a big year this year."

It turns out Scales didn't. He injured a tendon in his ankle early in the 1997 season, and that injury helped a promising year go very, very bad for the Hokies.

Shortly after meeting Scales back in 1997, I had the opportunity to acquire some genuine game-worn VT jerseys. I got road jerseys for Al Clark, Torrian Gray, Marcus Parker ... and a Shawn Scales home jersey. A maroon one.

"Yes, it's maroon," I told him. "Do you want it? I'll send it to you."

"No, that's all right, man. You keep it. Enjoy it."

We went ahead and conducted the interview. Scales was, as always, a good interview. He's a smart guy, a good talker, and doesn't mind discussing his personal life -- God knows his background has been public knowledge for quite a while now.

It was interesting for me to finally get to interview a guy that I respected and admired from years ago. At the end of the interview, I got his address, so I could send him a copy of the article. I'm going to send the article, yes, but I also think that when he opens the package from me, it will include a genuine, game-worn Shawn Scales jersey. The maroon one, because he doesn't have one.

The Shawn Scales story is this month's attempt at a feel-good article. Wrapped around that, we've got a spring football wrap-up, an interesting look at tight end stats from the last decade or so, and three articles that will leave you feeling, I admit, a little unsettled and disturbed. We'll take a look at the Big East bowl tie-ins, some thoughts on the future of Division 1-A football, and a not-so-funny look at an alternate reality where the Hokies are playing football in Conference USA.

Enjoy issue #18, but it will be easier to do so if you save the Shawn Scales and tight end articles for last.



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